what do you like most about being a CNA and what is the worst aspect

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    I was just wondering what it is about being a CNA that you enjoy, and what you enjoy the least, Thanks!

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    I am the charge nurse on our floor and I can only say that the CNA's that I work with work VERY HARD. Some of their frustrations are verflowing linen bags, dirty patients, left by previous shift. Nurses that won't help them.
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    Best part: bonding with patients, smiles and thank you's from patients and family, knowing you've helped make someone better (most of the time), forming a great team with co-workers (we call our groups that work well together the "A Team"). I work in labor and delivery, so its also seeing babies coming into the world, and watching new families being formed.

    Worst part: the back breaking grunt work, patients dying, drama with coworkers, not being appreciated for all the work you do.
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    Best Part-Never leaving work in a bad mood. Starting you shift and having people truly appreciate every thing you do for them.

    Worst Part-Coworker drama. That's about it, everything else that comes from that job.
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    I started as CNA to LPN and finally RN. CNA work gave me my foundation for the nurse I am today. I am one of those nurses who never forgot where I started. It is a very physical job- I had been a CNA for about a day and the charge nurse tells me " you are the shower CNA"- yeah how hard is that going to be, I mean you are in one room all day. Then I looked out the shower room, there was line of patients, I believe to be the length of the building and that same charge nurse with her hands on her hip, I had to laugh and said "guess I better get a movin":chuckle:chuckle:chuckle
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