UW ABSN 2012

  1. I kept wondering if anyone was going to start a thread and I'm a little surprised no one has. Anyway, is there anyone else out there accepted to UW ABSN 2012?
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  3. by   MHaisch
    Well hello! I have been accepted into the 2012 start ABSN program and can't WAIT to start!!!
  4. by   ccb1
    I was accepted, but I'm still undecided as to where I will go. I was accepted to Johns Hopkins, and while I currently live in Seattle I think I might want to go back to the east coast for a while. The deadline to make a deposit is coming up, so hopefully I can make up my mind soon. If anyone will be moving to Seattle and has questions about the city, feel free to ask.

    Also, does anyone know how many students will be in this year's cohort? I was told 48, but they said they were trying to expand. Congrats to all who were accepted!
  5. by   xInspiredx
    Congrats to those who have been accepted!
    Would you mind posting your stats? I'm just curious to know.
  6. by   abalone
    I understand being undecided. I've also applied to other programs but won't hear back from them until March and April. Nevertheless, I did pay the $500 to hold my seat. Nursing schools are so hard to get into, I won't want to have to wait another year to apply again!

    My stats... BS in Public Health; BA in Geography. All of my nursing prerequisites were 4.0 (some were taken at a community college some at UW because of a lower tuition and better schedule but I never repeated a class), my UW GPA at is 3.54 (I think). I volunteered 400+ hrs over 3 month period at an urgent care clinic, had a job shadow, and got CPR, first aid, HIV-AIDS, & HIPAA training. I also got my CNA training and state licenses (did clinical hrs but haven't worked as a CNA yet).

    I'm not sure where may stats put me in conparison to other admits but I thought my essay and resume were well writen. I spent tons of time on each.
  7. by   ccb1
    I'm going to make the deposit to hold my seat, but am going to visit JHU in a few weeks to see if it would be a good fit for me.

    BA in Communication 2001; GPA: 3.1
    Nursing pre-reqs 2010-11 at North Seattle CC; GPA: 4.0
    Volunteered at UW Med Center PACU and Swedish Emergency Department
    Strong recommendation from RN supervisor
    Strong essays and proctored essay. I know that it's subjective, but I really did nail that proctored esssy. =)
    Healthcare provider CPR cert
  8. by   abalone
    Uhggg! I just wanted to vent my frustration. I've been trying to compile all of my vaccination records for UW SoN. It has been a pain because pages of my medical record were missing. I'll admit, however, that it is a good thing I'm being forced to collect these records now because I'll certainly need them in the future. Plus, doctors are only required to hold onto a child's records for 7 years after they are 18yo.
    Anyway, how is everyone else doing completing the compliance? I figure since UW's ABSN and BSN programs are my top choices that I should get started on them. It is certainly nice that a bunch of them are on-line! Next, I need to sign up for BLS for Healthcare Providers that UW suggested. Not really sure where to take it but it looks like Harborview/UWMC offer the class for $60.
    Hope all is well!
  9. by   laribbs
    I was trying to get a jump on the compliance but it seems like a lot of them (those that are online) require a UW Net ID. Does anyone know when we are supposed to get our UW Net ID? Also, does anyone know when we are supposed to hear about the regular postbac UW application?
  10. by   gimligaugi
    I was just going to ask if anyone has heard back from UW about the postbac application or the SON. I'm working on all the compliance documents, but the lack of communication is worrying me. Have you guys heard more information aside from Anh Shafer? I was hoping to get a confirmation of my deposit and enrollment form after Feb 15th.
  11. by   abalone
    Nope, I haven't heard anything from either source. I have a UW Net ID (I'm a current student but will be graduating in June) so I've been working on the compliance. I imagine, you are assigned your UW Net ID when you are admitted (but I don't remember). You're right, it would have been nice to receive a confirmation after the deposit. hehe
  12. by   t_heart
    I was was also accepted into this year's ABSN program at UW! I'm still debating between UW and the UCSF...

    I called UW Admissions yesterday to ask about the post-bacc application. They said we won't hear until May to June, so don't get worried if you haven't heard back.
  13. by   LBrenton
    Hey guys! Another acceptee here. I am applying for a scholarship and I need to know the exact START and STOP dates for the ABSN 2012. I know orientation is June 18th and I am not having much luck finding out more than that.....any ideas??

  14. by   gimligaugi
    Just look at the UW Academic Calendar. Orientation is the 11th and 14th and we start June 18th, 2012 and end August 23, 2013.