University of Washington's BSN program 2014

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    Good morning!

    So I'm going to try this whole process over again, as a repeat offender...I mean applicant for UW's BSN program 2014. I applied last year, made it through the proctored essay portion but was not accepted. After nursing (haha) my wounds w/ large amounts of ice cream, chocolate & such, I've recently found my mojo to try again. Anyone else re-applying or 1st time applying for 2014? I know it's extremely early in the game, but those deadlines come up faster than you think! I've saved all the tips applicants that have applied more than once and hope that 2nd time is the charm.

    Anyone else out there getting ready for it? We got this

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    I am thinking about it. I am doing my pre-reqs at SPSCC in Olympia, and I recently finished my CNA course. I started applying for jobs immediately after finishing the course just so I can get the experience required to apply for the program.

    I will see how I feel this fall though once they update the website and I can go to an information session.
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    Where did you go through to get your CNA. I'm trying to find a 3 week course, I have to take leave in order to attend, having a hard time finding one that short. The only one that I've seen so far is the Kamanga one in Des Moines.
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    I did it through SPSCC. It's a pre-req for their nursing program here, so I just took it last quarter. I didn't even look into any other programs that are operated independently of the college.
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    Oh ok I've looked into a couple so far, I just want to do everything I can to be a more qualified candidate, just hard with my AF job, but I'll figure it out somehow
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    A few people I work with went through Simmons and Holliday caregiver training courses but that would be hard for you unless you are able to take a whole month of leave.

    I don't know if you have the time for it, but you might look into a fire station if you're interested in doing EMT-B. I am volunteer and they are putting me through the EMT course. I have to work once every 9 days. That involves spending the night at the station, basically. I think it's doable with a full-time job, and they are usually somewhat flexible with hours since you're a volunteer, after all!

    Did you go to an info session last year?
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    I sure did, and listened to them about 18 times, I feel that I probably didn't show them how dedicated I was to becoming a nurse since I didn't have any type of certifications, and only had around 139 hours for volunteering. I'm an aircraft mechanic, so those hours were my only experience. Plus I totally screwed myself on the proctored essay I may not get many more hours this year, but I'm hoping my CNA certification, plus the experiences I'll face when working as a CNA will help if I make it to the essay.
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    I literally live right down the street from a fire house, I think I'll go check them out for volunteering as well, more perspective , right? Thank you so much!!
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    I am going to try to go to one of the in-person info sessions this fall. I was excited to check the website today and see they've finally updated some stuff for the applications for 2014 (although not the info session dates just yet).

    Do you know if a recommendation from an LPN would be acceptable? I know it says ideally an RN will write your recommendation.
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    That's a good question, if possible, I would still try to get an RN to write it. From what I remember from last year, they made it a point, basically foot stomped it, to follow all directions to a T when it came to completing the applications & essays. They even listed it as one of the reasons why people weren't accepted into the program. If there's no way you can, I'd probably ask it during the info session you attend.

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