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Good morning! So I'm going to try this whole process over again, as a repeat offender...I mean applicant for UW's BSN program 2014. I applied last year, made it through the proctored essay portion but was not accepted. After... Read More

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    Nothing yet, still #8...
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    IN summer classes. Finals next week, hence the reason I am wasting time on this site I suppose. It's been really great actually. I am SOSOSOOOSOOO glad I took these classes now. I cannot imagine having to take this one class on top of the other 4 next quarter- assessment is pretty easy though. I am looking forward to next quarter - sort of haha. I am scared but I think it will be ok. Getting all the clinicals stuff filled out for the site has been a lot of work but it'll be worth it. I hope to see you Just_keep_swimming, and don't worry about having not gotten in to the university, if you get off the waiting list they will get you in. UW is rather picky about getting in w/out being accepted to a program when you're around junior status.
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    I haven't heard anything from the list keeper on if I've moved spots since July, so not thinking it's going to happen. I'm glad you are enjoying the courses though, that's so exciting
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    Keep your chin up! If it's going to happen, now would be the time to see movement, right? People should be finishing up summer classes and getting final grades.
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    Well I'm going TDY to New Zealand & Antarctica (ironically on the day class would start) going to take that as my consolation prize unless a miracle happens I truly appreciate everyone keeping positive thoughts, prayers, good vibes & fingers crossed for me and all the others on the wait list. I'm not giving up yet, but I'm trying to keep reality in my sights. I haven't decided if I will apply a third time or not, as I'm due to deploy in the spring if I stay active duty. If I don't get in, I want to say best of luck to each & every one of you! Do amazing things, I have faith you will 😊
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    Sounds exciting! I would love to go to those places.

    When does the fall quarter commence at UW?
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    Hello all!
    So I am currently a freshman at Edmund's CC working toward my pre-nursing DTA. So far I have a 3.8 because I kinda screwed up in an online class and got a 3.4. I also work part-time at a medical massage clinic as a front desk administrator handling patient info and billing. I know that typically work as a CNA is weighed a little heavier when applying for programs but I worked as a care provider for about 4-5 months and ended up going backwards financially. Its disgusting how little they get paid and treated and I most likely will not seek work as a new CNA any time soon. I just recently landed a volunteer position at Group Health in their surgical recovery room and will be starting that soon. Apart from doing really well in school and racking up as many paid and unpaid hours in a medical setting as possible are their any other tips you may have to make me more desirable to UW?