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Good morning! So I'm going to try this whole process over again, as a repeat offender...I mean applicant for UW's BSN program 2014. I applied last year, made it through the proctored essay portion but was not accepted. After... Read More

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    What do you mean nothing to show? Have found finding a job difficult? Or you have found a job but it's not rewarding?
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    I've found many jobs and had trouble with my coworkers.
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    So you're not enjoying the jobs?
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    Quote from Just_keep_swimming
    However I just recieved my denial letter to the university of Washington itself. Does that mean I'm automatically kicked off the wait list?
    If you get accepted into the Nursing program, Academic Services will get you into the University. They have that kind of power. Unless for some reason something was falsified or whatnot, then you're on your own. Good Luck. It was an amazing time and I am already bored not being in the classroom.
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    I was waitlisted last year and during the summer, I too was denied entrance to the UW general admission. They do this automatically. Anyone who is not immediately accepted into the program gets an automatic denial. As JLoya says, if you get off the waitlist, the SoN will reverse the general admission decision. Do not worry!
    Re: the last possible day you can get into the SoN, last year I moved from #9 to #1 during the summer, and they told me the last possible day I could get into the program would be the day before Sept orientation. They asked me to be fully compliant -- complete all the compliance training, immunizations, etc -- so that if someone dropped out, I'd be ready to go. Which I did. And then the day before orientation, they said, "Sorry, it's not going to work out".

    Just hang in there! You never know!
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    Anything yet?
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    Nothing yet, but hoping JLoya & Sweet Disposition are right I'll probably start working on my checklist just in case. I can only do a couple of the thing since I'm not a student. What's meant to be, will be. Just gotta keep swimming, ya know
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    Hello all, I was also accepted to the UW BSN program for fall '14. So nice to 'meet' you! Just_keep_swimming, I hope to see you at orientation. I put in a request to the FB group, as well.
    I was also accepted to SU's BSN program and deliberated for quite some time before choosing UW. It appears to be a more rigorous program and I'm interested on going on to an ARNP and splitting my time between primary care and ARNP.
    Finishing my compliance checklist now. Yeesh! Is it September yet? Got my patho and pharm texts from a recent grad yesterday am. so thick!

    With excitement,
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    Hope to be there too for those that are taking classes this summer, how are you liking it?