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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    I am applying for WSU Yakima campus. Hopefully I get in this time,it's my 3rd time applying! Please send some luck this way I really want to get into this school!

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    Thanks for the advice!! Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in work and I'm not even in the program. I have a 3 year old son, and it often makes it tough not to work. However, my husband will be finishing up his degree this spring and be able to work while I'm in a program.

    Anywho, a few questions about the process of applying:
    I think my essay is pretty solid, and between that and my experience is going to be what gets me into the program. My grades are basically a- to b range. How much experience did you have and how were your grades? (If you don't mind my asking...)

    Did you get in on the first try? How hard was it for you?

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    Use a specific example that you can pull ideas from. Do you have any experience in healthcare? it was tough for me too, but they really hammer on the fact that you know what it is like to be a nurse and that you know how to work in a really diverse setting.

    I'm not sure how to help you with that specific question...but I can say, think about your experience and brainstorm about it...put down all the ideas that some to mind and go from there. Kinda lame help, but it's the best I can do....
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    How are your applications going? I feel like i'm rushing and freaking out!!!!!!!!
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    Have people started on their UW BSN applications? I am trying to finish this quarter strong before working on my application. However, I saw that as a transfer it is important to get the UW specific application in a few weeks before the SON app. Has anyone already done this? I am hoping to get mine in next week, but need to finish the quarter strong first.
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    Mine are going ok. I'm done with the components...I'm just waiting for this quarter to be over so I can have my most recent grades added into my GPA. As soon as the quarter is over, I'm going to have my app sent in.
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    For your essay, I was guided by other UW SoN alums for my essay. I followed the A,B & c format of what they want. I put Part A:, Part B: followed by Part C. so they could go section by section to find what they were looking for.

    Grades: I had a 3.4 cumulative and a 3.1 in my Natural World science courses.

    Experience: I have a ton of experience prior, BUT, another guy in the program does not have one day of patient care experience.

    I got in on my first try whereas a good friend of mine with better grades and less experience did not get in.

    Its a crap shoot....

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the reply, JLoya! I have a 3.4 in Natural World pre-reqs and a 3.5 overall. I'm not concerned so much about the grades and essay (my essay is pretty solid, I think). I'm more concerned that all my healthcare experience is paid work...over 3 years worth. I don't have many community service projects or any volunteer work (you can't raise a son on volunteer work and dreams.........) I've been reading some of the profiles of previously accepted students and I'm getting nervous. There wasn't really anywhere for me to show that I'm a mother and can't necessarily just volunteer all my time because it's spend working. Any recommendations on how to get that info in there? Are there any students with families in your program?

    UHG. I'm nervous. I've worked SO HARD and given up SO MUCH TIME with my son to do this...needles to say, I'm emotionally invested in this beyond all reason.
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    One quick question!
    I was listening to the online info session again and I realized that there is a personal statement section slide saying "Do not write about a personal family experience".
    However, when you listen it with an audio, this slide automatically skips without any explanation.

    I wrote about taking care of my grandfather while he was in ICU, but I wasn't aware of this instruction...

    Should include personal family experience on my essay?
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    I went through the instructions to see any instructions about the personal statement, but UW didn't specifically mentioned any Do's and Don'ts
    so confused....
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