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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Ok, good to hear other people feeling less than stellar after that! I second guessed myself way too much and it ended up biting me in the butt :-/ I started drafting on scenario 1 first because I have experience as a dementia caregiver..and then once I got to part B I started to change my mind and wonder if they wanted us to choose something we had less experience with to show a desire for growth and whatnot. So I started writing on scenario B for about 10 min, changed my mind BACK, and continued with scenario A. Needless to say I did not manage my time very well and feel like I could have done so much better had I not wasted precious time. And, like others, I felt super paranoid about checking and double checking my math and I also spent too much time thinking about how to "properly" show my work...cause it was stuff I could easily do, but for some reason it seemed difficult for me to figure out how to show my thought process in a way they would find acceptable. If that makes any sense? I totally over think things, ughhh...oh well, it was definitely a learning experience if nothing else! Now comes the harder part of waiting patiently for 2 months!!!

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    I went straight to the Math problems and blazed through them... I spent a little more time double/triple checking the third problem for accuracy.

    Then I second guessed myself after thoroughly reading all 3 scenarios. I wanted to jump into scenario B because I deal with it quite frequently at work. I knew it, I knew how to handle it and I told myself, go with what you know. I then stepped back and thought, maybe they want to see me take on an unfamiliar subject. So I started with an opening paragraph and then systematically did a paragraph with each point A,B and C. I didn't start writing my final copy until the 20 minute notice and I was like, "Holy Hell". I tried to write quickly, but legibly. I tripped and and started to spell through like this "throgh". I caught myself as soon as I put the "g" and was like... ****. I put a single line through it like we don in the charts and moved on. I noticed I had 5 minutes left when I came to the final paragraph and started freaking out... I tried to race but also tried to remain neat, clean and tight.

    Oi, the next two months will be painful....
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    I think it went well for me, much better than my ABSN proctored essay. I read through the writing prompt first, decided to go with pt. A and wrote an short outline. I agree, there really doesn't seem to be enough time to write a draft and a final paper. (Funny that so many of us picked pt A!) Then, I worked on the math problems for about 10 mins. Did anyone think #2 was strangely easy? I checked twice to make sure I was doing it right. And #3 would have been very confusing if you didn't know what mg/kg/day meant (I feel bad if that happened to anyone).
    Anyway, I spent the rest of the time writing my final and wrote exactly 2pg. Actually, I was pretty surprised because this writing prompt was almost the same as this year's UW ABSN writing prompt. The patients were different but the questions (personal and profession gain and challenges) were the same. For the ABSN proctored essay I thought I did horribly. Halfway through writing it I changed the pt. I selected. But it still worked out well for me, so don't worry too much if you think the essay didn't go well. They look at the whole application!!!
    The next 2 months are going to pass so slowly! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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    I thought Carolyn Chow said 280 students in the auditorium and 30 off-site, so that sounds about right. With 96 seats our chances are about 1:3. Yeah! That is much better than the initial 20% chance (1:5) based on the original 475 applicants.
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    Quote from abalone
    I thought Carolyn Chow said 280 students in the auditorium and 30 off-site, so that sounds about right. With 96 seats our chances are about 1:3. Yeah! That is much better than the initial 20% chance (1:5) based on the original 475 applicants.
    I remember them saying something similar to that also... still good odds either way
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    funny how we all heard different things at the same time, could have sworn it was 230 at the school and 30 off site! either way, still better than 472. i tortured myself for days over this essay, but i find comfort in that i did the best i could with what i had at that time! the 3rd essay scenario even though i didnt pick it has been on my mind, it was so different from the other two! ive been thinking its either a trick question or the best critical thinking one! well good luck guys, see you in April!
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    I am 100 percent certain she said 230 were doing the essay there and 30 more were off-site, so that gives us 260 total.
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    I heard 230 and 260 also. Very odd that we all heard differently! Haha makes me wonder...
    Thanks to everybody for their input on here! Makes this whole process a little easier.
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    I love that we all heard something slightly different! hehe, I guess that's why orders are written down on paper!
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    Like I said before, I'm also 100% sure it was 230 on-site, 30 off-site! Better odds

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