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Hello! I applied for the accelerated BSN October 15th and just completed my proctored essay yesterday, October 18th! I live out of state so I had to do it at a testing center. Anyone else apply... Read More

  1. by   AnnieBopannie
    Hi everyone!

    I was accepted to the UW's ABSN program and plan on putting in my deposit next week---still waiting on other schools out east, but at least I will guarentee my spot somewhere. I was wondering if there is any current ABSN student out there that can answer my questions:

    -Does the SON offer any scholarships? What kind of financial aid is offered?
    -How big are class sizes?
    -How are the professors?
    -Where do you live? on campus/off?
    -What is your schedule like?

    I currently live just north of seattle (edmonds) and went on an informal tour last weekend. I was hoping to get a better idea of the program as I'm making my final decisions in the next month or so.

  2. by   abalone
    Sorry I'm so slow to get back. I wrote a response, tried to post it and it disappeared into the netherworld of the internet. Anyway, there were 2 main deciding factors for me. 1) money 2) time. First, it was way more expensive than the bsn program and I didn't mind the extra year... in fact --> Secondly, I actually wanted the extra time so I could work as a nurse tech during the summer after my junior year and during my senior year. I have some previous work in an urgent care center and very little CNA work so I really wanted the ability to build my resume before I graduate and apply for my first RN position. Also, I knew the ABSN program is a little crazy, our poor ABSNers don't really have much of a life... or any, for the 5 quarters of their program. It is rough! For several quarters ABSN students had double clinicals (for example, right now the ABSN students are in clinical for both pediatrics and OB) But, of course, you CAN do it!

    -Does the SON offer any scholarships? Yes, but only for students that qualify. I think the information is on their webpage. Financial Aid | School of Nursing
    -What kind of financial aid is offered? Pretty much the same as any state school, but you don't qualify for subsidized loans bc this is a second degree. You only qualify for unsubsidized government loans.
    -How big are class sizes? Class size depends each class. Some will be just ABSN students (so like 48). Some will be with 1 year BSN students (so 150). Clinicals are 6/8-10 students per instructor.
    -How are the professors? Most are great! But, of course, there will be a course or two you may hate, but it just goes with the territory. You should check out our comments in the UW BSN post
    -Where do you live? on campus/off? Most people live off campus (not in the dorms) but many live very near campus (in the U-district). I live near Fremont/Queen Anne. But there are a few (BSN) students that commute from Tacoma or even Fort Lewis (they are crazy! lol I don't suggest that). Being in the U-district is great (very convenient) but you don't get as much bang (or quality) for your buck and if you have a family... well it's full of loud college students. Northgate (find a place near a direct bus line), I hear, is never a bad option, both for money and location. But, as ABSN student you will be very busy, you'll probably want to be within walking or a short bus ride away.
    -What is your schedule like? I'm a BSN student but I have a few classes with ABSNs. Their schedule is CRAZY but you are in an accelerated program so that makes sense. Pharmacology is done in a single quarter, so be prepared to eat, drink, and live it!!! Often you will have two clinicals each quarter. Check out the curriculum grid, it should give you an idea of the schedule.
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  3. by   celticsgirl17
    I'm assuming it is too late to apply for the traditional BSN in two-years? It's so hard to look these things up online, oftentimes the schools don't make it very clear what your options are. Thank you so much for your response though!
  4. by   macrina
    I will be starting the ABSN in June this summer and am trying to make plans for transferring my kids to Seattle schools and getting other things lined up.

    Does anyone know if the ABSN program follows the overall school schedule in terms of academic breaks? The UW calendar lists Dec. 15-Jan 5 as the Winter Break. Any chance ABSN would NOT observe that? I'm trying to figure out if I will have time to be home for Christmas and the other week-long breaks listed.

    Also, any recommendations of what I might do right now to prepare for the program and hopefully take a little pressure off? Like maybe get ahold of a Patho book and start studying a bit? Do you have the name of that text?

    For clinicals, how many hours/wk do they take? If you have your Ped Practicum listed as 4 hours, does that mean you spend 4 hours/wk at a clinical site, or is it more than that?

    And one more question: do ABSN students generally have the weekends off or not necessarily? I'm trying to gauge whether or not I'll realistically be able to get home to Port Townsend (2.5 hour commute) at least once a month or so for a weekend. Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks for any help you can give, anyone out there!

    Macrina Lewis
  5. by   Staraglo
    Quote from abalone
    They accept 48ish students. I got in last year, paid to save my seat but, in the end, accepted admission into UW's BSN program instead. I would guess that the stats for students on the ABSN wait list are pretty darn good (I know several students in my cohort that were in a similar situation with UW BSN program, and I'm sure there are others that get into diff places, ABSN or BSN, and withdraw). But, the wait may be pretty long as regular BSN programs don't get back to students about admissions for a while yet. GOOD LUCK!
    To those that are in: Look forward to REALLY long nights, tired days, and high stress. It's worth it but man, there will be days you'll want hit you head against a wall or fall asleep in patho. Just remind yourself over and over that it's worth it and maybe have a countdown! GOOD LUCK!!!!
    Hi! I am wondering if you still have your letter of acceptance?
  6. by   pdxapplicant
    Hello! I am applying to the ABSN 2014 program and have a few questions about the prerequisite course checklist. Did anyone apply who didn't go to UW for undergrad? I have all the prereqs complete but they are listed under different course titles and I can't seem to get any answers when I call the school of nursing office. For example, I took three terms of A&P lecture (9 credits total) and three terms of A&P lab (6 credits total). The application asks for 5 credits in Anatomy and 5 credits in Physiology. Also..can anyone tell me exactly what is to be included in the hard copy of the application versus the electronic copy? I see the checklist on the website but it doesn't really specify which are "supplemental" materials not to be included in the electronic copy.

    Any suggestions from previous applicants would be much appreciated!

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  7. by   thehalfpast
    Hi PDX, have you heard anything yet? I also applied for 2014 and haven't received a response yet...
  8. by   RDuPs
    Hi! Does anyone know how many students they took off the wait list for the absn last year? I was waitlisted this year and I'm wondering what my chances are. Thanks!
  9. by   abalone
    New applicants always ask so for future reference:

    2013, for the class beginning Summer of 2014,The UW School of Nursing received 157 applications for 48 spots in the ABSN program

    • 48 applicants were offered admission
    • 30 were placed on the waitlist
    • 79 were denied admission
  10. by   Young Tangerine
    Hi macrina can you tell me about the program? pros and cons? any recommendations? do you NEED a car?
  11. by   Dcapili12
    Hi there! This is suuuuper late and I am new to allnurses, but what is the difference between ABSN and BSN at UW? and what do each require? Can you apply to both programs at the same time?