University of Washington BSN Fall 2012 - page 16

I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   JLoya
    Scrubs are funny like that... The larges at work are too small, the XL are Hammer Pants.... Hammer Time!!!
  2. by   JLoya
    Ugghhh, the purple scrubs... Guess it beats the Salmon colored ones I used to wear as a volunteer.... I would gladly rock the Salmon colored if I was working at the R. Adams Cowley Center though.... You have to check those out everyday you work, and then turn them back in at the end of the day. Its a sign of prestige in Baltimore.
  3. by   JLoya
    Now that we are getting closer and hopefully to better weather, its time to think about the BSN BBQ meet-up. I was thinking about emailing Dora Wang and having her post it in the New BSN e-mail list that we are all on.

    I was thinking mid-July-ish... Something that can handle a larger group such as Golden Garden or even Woodland Park. Woodland Park is spacious, usually has alot of room and doesnt get all crazy like the other places... I do love a good beach BBQ though....
  4. by   abalone
    I'm going to be traveling July 5 -Aug 7 so I wouldn't be able to make it to a BBQ in mid July. But, if that work for the majority of people have fun!
  5. by   armynurse68
    I'm not on vacation until August so July works for me. If not everyone makes it to the BBQ, I'm sure we can plan another get together....maybe closer to the start of the program as a sort of last chance at freedom before hitting the books.
  6. by   fn2012
    During summer orientation this week we were told (I guess prior to fall qtr starting) there will be a bbq hosted by one of the student nurses organizations for us new BSNs so that we all can meet. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you!
  7. by   ED2012
    A BBQ sounds great. Looking forward to meeting everyone in mid July, or later (:
  8. by   kasko
    Hey all, I went to the orientation for summer students and was told there will be a BBQ made for us closer to Fall quarter. We were told that a GOOGLE GROUP would be very helpful for us to exchange info, studyguides, questions, and comments. I have made one called: UW BSN 2012. Please send a request so that I could add you into the forum
  9. by   fn2012
    Hey Kasko I will message you with my info to get into the group. Also, I think I met you during orientation! See you tomorrow!
  10. by   JLoya
    Send me one too.... I will send you my email
  11. by   JLoya
    I just made a Facebook Group if anyone is interested....
  12. by   kasko
    hmmm... maybe we have met? Are you taking the NURS 407 also? If so, come up to me and say hi cus I don't remember you, there were too many new faces!
  13. by   fn2012
    Kasko, I'm just taking 302, I'll say hi next Monday.