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  1. 0 I thought it might be fun to start a thread for just UW on here for those who are starting in the fall (or getting a jump start this summer). Can any current students or recent grads offer some tips or advice for surviving the next two years? Congrats everyone!
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    Twinkletoes12 - Congrats, I'm glad to hear it worked out... what a great feeling to have been accepted by two great schools! Will you be taking any summer classes?
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    I am starting the program in the Fall and am really excited. I live in Seattle, how about you all?
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    Just curious do you all plan to pay for the years or do the program in which you sign a contract to work at the two local teaching hospitals and have your tuition paid. Is this program easy to get into. I want to apply in jan for next fall but I worried about the cost.
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    Thanks! Yes, I'm so excited too. I do not plan to take anything over the summer, doesn't make financial sense. I know there are some openings for a few classes this summer to lessen the workload in the regular academic school year, but I live near Portland, Oregon and my hubby and I need to keep working as long as we can before moving up there. So I would be paying out of state tuition and not working for three extra months. I grew up in WA and used to live in Seattle so it's nice to come back home.

    I applied for the work loan program. I have no idea how competitive it is, but it seemed like a good thing to apply for! They are not making any unreasonable demands for repayment and who can pass up free in state tuition? Anyone know any other details about the work loan program?
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    -has anyone opted for the summer class(es) starting in June?
    Twinkle - are you planning on applying to UW housing or apt or?
    I think the loan repayment pays back an annual amount up to the cost of in-state tuition... I'd love the opportunity to work at HMC~
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    Nope, I won't be living on campus. I will be a commuter. My husband's job is going to be based in Kent so I'll likely be somewhere between Factoria and Kennydale... a good halfway point between Kent and the UW, and also on the busline or at least close to a park and ride!
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    - so nobody trying the summer courses?
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    I'd definitely recommend summer courses if I were you guys.. my god that first quarter, actually the first several quarters, are TOUGH! A friend of mine in the program took classes in the summer and I was so jealous that he got to leave earlier than the rest of us!
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    Smiggles, do you know if UW's student insurance (SHIP) satisfies the clinical insurance requirement?
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    Well most sites don't even require insurance. I went through the entire program without any health insurance until my last quarter at Swedish Hospital which required it. I purchased the health insurance through the UW (I think that's the SHIP you're talking about?) and it seemed to fill the requirement ok as Swedish didn't say anything about it.
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    - anyone heard back about the UWHMC loan repayment program results?
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    Nope, not a word back yet for me. I was wondering the same thing for the others that applied! :icon_roll