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I just read this article in the Seattle Times today. Reading it makes me nervous about what it will be like when I graduate. I am due to graduate from an AA program in June 2013. I would like to know how others' experience... Read More

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    It is a tight job market. However there are jobs available if you are not absolutely set on working in a metropolitan area. I recently found a great job in Wa and moved here from Florida to take it. Sign on bonus and they helped with moving expenses. I am a staff nurse in L/D

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    I don't even think the market is that tight (for experienced RNs). I've applied at a few positions lately and have received offers each and every time. One time, I had an interview and offer within one week of application.

    But...I think experience is key. It's a rough market for the newbies...
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    Quote from Underoo
    I am having trouble finding an RN job as well, with over a year of experience! I am not familiar with Seattle, but I do know that many of the hospitals here have new grad residency programs. Check out the following places for residencies. This would be a great opportunity for you.
    Harrison Medical Center (Bremerton)

    If you want to get ahead, apply for CNA/Nurse Tech positions and work a little while in school. It helped me SO much when I graduated.. I wasn't so "new" to nursing. Some facilities do not require you to have a CNA license.

    Good luck!
    So does Franciscan health system.

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