Tips on passing CNA Test! please...

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    Hello! I am going to take the test for Nursing Assistant certification and I have no clue how the test would be like. I am a Registered Nurse from my country ---- this is how I qualify to sit for the test without going through the CNA program here. The DSHS is going to send me the packet to study, but I learned from here that there's a skills exam as well? I wanted to know what type of skills they are going to test and the test plan for CNA if there's any?

    Thank you in advance for answering my questions.



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    If you're taking the test in the state of TN I can help answer your question.
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    Quote from Nichole1
    If you're taking the test in the state of TN I can help answer your question.

    I am going to take the test here in Washington State. Now that makes me wonder if CNA course outline is different from one state to another.?
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    When I took it, I think there were 15 skills that we had to know. It's not so much that you do each skill in the correct order, but make sure you always do the steps that are bolded outlined in the official pamphlet that the state proctors use. These bolded criteria were like making sure the patient has non-skid footwear before you ambulate them out of the bed. Or making sure you dress the affected arm in the correct order, so that you don't compromise their range of motion. Out of the 15, there were 5 measurement skills (one of which you were guaranteed to be tested on). I think they were taking a pulse, taking a BP, measuring urine (which was actually diluted coffee for us), measuring a weight, and counting respirations. Luckily for me, I had respirations...but I know some were really nervous about getting BP. I even brought my stethoscope and cuff to practice with before the test in case I got it. I also had my friend be a patient for me the night before and the morning of the state exam, and we ran through all the skills.

    The written portion is a lot of common sense.

    Hope that helps.
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    Yeah everything is pretty much the same as what j450n stated. The only difference is that in the pamphlet for the state of TN there are 27 skills. You will be tested on handwashing and an additional 4 skills. So I guess maybe you can ask your instructor or find out how to get your hands on that pamphlet for your state. If you have that you should be totally fine for clinicals. My instructor also stated what j450n said...that the written is mostly common sense.
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    Thank you, I forgot to mention that hand washing is definitely one of them. Make sure you scrub your hands on all surfaces for at least 15 seconds, dry your hands thoroughly, turn off the facet with a paper towel, etc. I think there may be more than 15 skills now because I took the skills exam awhile ago.
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    Thank you j450 and Nichole for your inputs.. I really appreciate it. And I will take note those tips . On the written exam, what are the subject areas to be studied? Did you follow a course outline while on the program? Thanks.
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    If I remember correctly, the pamphlet has some sample written questions. I took my CNA course at the Shoreline Nursing Assistant Training Institute. A textbook was provided to us that was written by the instructor. I mostly just reviewed that. At the end of the course, we had a written exam that we had to pass with a certain percentage or better. It was very similar to the one that I took on the actual test day.
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    I'm taking my test in 2 weeks here in Spokane WA. I'm really nervous about the skills even though I'm practising them everyday and watching videos. I'm so nervous I'll make a silly mistake or do something out of order. Or even shake so badly I spill water I'm carrying to dump. I will be so happy when its over if I pass!
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    Remember to dry your hands thoroughly after hand washing. A number of people I know got dinged on that. But it is not a difficult test if you've studied. Good luck!
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