Tacoma Community College Nursing Program Class of 2010

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    Hi everyone who got in with me for the fall 2008 quarter. I thought it would be cool if we had our own thread to post our questions and concerns. I for one am very excited for orientation. I don't want to wait a whole month! I'm sure it will fly by so fast!

    lets introduce ourselves,

    I'm Amanda!
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    Hi Amanda! I'm Jennifer, and I will be there on the 12th! Did you take the hybrid A&P with Marge?
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    Jennifer, I did take a&p with Marge! I love her.

    Glad to see a familiar person got in for fall! You helped me out alot with those pics you took. Histology is tough!

    Are you so excited? I am, I can't wait to be working my butt off again!
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    I am extremely excited, and yes I am trying to mentally prepare to work my butt off. My obsession with getting good grades will not let me slack off! I am just nervous about uncertain schedules and child care needs.
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    It will work out. I have heard they are very flexible with the students who have children. My friend told me that the first quarter was the worst with the scheduling etc, but after that it gets better.
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    That is good to know. I have managed to find 2 alternate sitters for just in case moments. I know we will find out during orientation, but have you heard what color scrubs we will wear for clinicals? I am so anal about planning and am anxious to know, so I can get all my stuff bought.
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    Navy blue as far as I know. That's what it was last year, so unless they changed it, it should be the same. I hope it is since I already bought a pair! haha. If not, I guess they will sit on the shelf until I get a job I am way to excited for the orientation. It seems like forever ago I decided to go back and try and get into this program. I am sure the next couple of weeks will fly by like the rest of this summer has.
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    I know what you mean about the whole anticipation thing. I have been bugging my hubby for the last 7 years that I want to go back to school, and I am fortunate enough that as soon as we were stationed here, I was able to start school right away. I know it sounds cheesy, but I am ready for my "new" career helping patients. This whole time I have been behind the scenes in hospital pharmacy, and now after graduation, I can be in direct patient care.
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    I've been wanting to "go back" to school forever. I had my chance at 18 when I went to UW, but I blew it on fun times. I definately had a lot of regret about that decision. I'm so happy my husband convinced me I could do this. I was so afraid to quit my job and just go to school full time. It has been the best decision I have ever made. It never seemed possible to get into this program. Everyone tells you, blah blah, no one can get in, it's impossible. Turns out, anything is possible if you want it bad enough! I'm so happy to be able to finally be a "nursing student". For the past year, I have been telling people, "I'm going to school to be a nurse... hopefully I get into the program!" No more! I am an actual nursing student I am very glad you got into the program, I know you tried as hard, if not harder than I did and with little ones to boot! You deserve it woman! I hope we have a tight knit group of people in our program and we all work together. I know it is going to be a different and hard type of learning that I am not used to. I'm glad the "competition" is over, and we can all work together knowing that we don't need to beat out anyone else for a seat. It's a good feeling to work together and I hated the fact that a lot of people would be downright cuthroat about it. One woman in my micro class actually declared that she wouldn't be helping any of her classmates because this was, in fact, a competition. I hope she didn't get in. haha. Just kidding. I hope everyone who wants it bad enough, eventually gets in. My friend Michelle is in the fall quarter too. She was the girl who sat next to me both quarters, long dark hair, pretty smile, usually in a hoodie. She is smart and awesome, I'm so glad we made it this far together. We decided to make each other go back to school and keep each other motivated, it has been great having her to study with. She and I go back to the 4th grade, and she was my roomate at UW. I met two of the girls who got in at my CPR for healthcare providers. One woman has children and is very nice. The other woman was very young, nice, and obviously smart like the rest of us (haha) but I didn't talk to her much. Anyway, its nice to have someone to talk to about Nursing school since my hubby has had an earfull
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    There is always a guest viewing this forum when I am in here... Sign up so you can post and we can meet you!

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