Tacoma Community College Nursing Program

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    Hi... I was just accepted into the TCC Nursing Program. Does anyone out there have any advice or information to offer? I'd appreciate hearing about the program, instructors, clinicals, etc. Thanks! :spin: Oh, one more thing... if you are aware of any specific information that would be beneficial to review prior to starting, please let me know.

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    Me Too! I got accept to the 2 year RN program at TCC for this fall and sure hope that someone answers your post. I am so excited!:spin:
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    Congrats LexieB... I've checked out this site a few times and decided I'd better make a thread for TCC. I'd like to have an idea of what to expect! Are you in the FT program or Bates? I'm in FT.
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    I am in the FT too. I also wish I knew more about TCC. I took all my pre-reqs at pierce community college. There were some LPNs in my classes there who worked at Good Sam Hosp. and they all said that the TCC students and Grads were the best prepared. Also I liked the fact that TCC has been training nurses for decades so I figured that they must be doing something right. I am still kinda nervous but in an excited way. I don't have a healthcare background and I have so much to learn!
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    I took my pre-req's at TCC, but Bldg. 19 (Nursing) is sort of its own entity. You really don't interact much w/the nursing students or see them around much because (I think) all of their classes are in that building. Anyhow, here's hoping that someone posts some exciting info!
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    FYI - I spoke w/one of the nursing students at the beginning of the summer (she likely started Spring 06) and she said that it would be a good idea to read "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" by Anne Fadiman. It was required during her 1st (possibly 2nd) quarter. It's 288 pages and I found it very interesting. Of course, you have to take into account that I'm a book nerd and I find sociology fascinating. Anyhow, it's about "a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures."

    I'm not positive that it will be required, but based on her recommendation of what would be good to study prior to starting, I'm thinking it probably will be! Either way you can't lose... it's an interesting book.
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    Hi can I butt in? I never see people on here that are from home! Just moved back home to Tacoma in the spring and have been working on my pre-req's at TCC. I have 4 classes left before I can apply to the TCC nursing program for fall 2008. Can I ask what your factored class G.P.A.'S were? Did you apply anyplace else? Summer quarter is killing me! I have been white knuckled on all my Chem tests this summer because I know nothing less than A will do. I am so nervous that everyone else is also getting 4.0's and I will not get in and I barely have a backup plan. The LPN waiting lists are so long that it would be faster to just retake anything I might need.

    Congratulations on your entrance to the program! Good Luck

    Maybe I will see you on campus!

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    From what I've gathered from talking to a few different people, the range seems to be somewhere around 4.0 - 3.7 - sometimes lower, sometimes higher.
    I didn't apply anywhere else - I just made sure that I did well on my pre-req's (factored 3.95).

    What are you taking now? What instructor(s)?
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    Hello Fiona,
    My g.p.a is the same as I'monmyway. I got a 4.0 in everything but my Eng 101 was a 3.8. I was told that last year the cut off was around a 3.85 and then they send people to Bates for a year who can join up at TCC for the 2nd year. This cut off was around a 3.75. But really it all depends on what the applications are like each year. If there was 24 with 4.0s I wouldn't of made it. . . . .
    . . . . . Your summer quarter sounds like my winter quarter. I would wake up in the middle of the night worried that I would end up a bag lady on the street because my Mirco presentation was going to be too short or too long or something. I was sooo stressed. . . I was like you and didn't have a back up plan. . . But all the hard work paid off and now I just need to work hard on the next 2 years.

    Good luck in your classes!!!:spin:
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    Thanks for the information ladies! I am in Chem 101 with Root right now and Psych 206 with Handland. Psych is easy, but Chem has been WORK!! Next quarter I have Micro with Mikels but I am going to try and get into Tison's night class. I am on the waitlist now. I am looking into applying to Seattle U because I know for sure I need a back up plan!
    Thanks again!

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