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Swedish Residency Jan 2014

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    I just applied for the Swedish Jan 2014 residency. Wondering if folks here also applied and whether you have heard back, or if you know the timeline for that.

    I tried emailing the Swedish Residency email several times in the past few months to find out about the Meet/Greet but never heard back. Did anyone manage to attend? Or is this a secretive gathering for some selected few?

    Please share your experiences and journeys!!
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    Hi delridge! I also applied. I heard that the residency is going to be accepting applications until November so it may take awhile to get any news. But please don't rely completely on this as I am not sure if this is true since it is just something I heard. I will do my best to post if I hear anything. I couldn't find anything on the "Meet and Greet" either which was unfortunate because I was hoping to attend. I know that my school received an email about the residency meeting in spring 2013 but I am not sure if my school received one for the fall meeting. I think Swedish had a meeting this fall, but didn't make a big announcement. Wishing you well with your application!
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    I spoke to someone in HR a couple weeks before the applications came out, and they said there is likely no meet and greet for the January cohort unfortunately. They have already started phone interviews. I also heard interviews are likely going to be in November. Good luck everyone!
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    Does anyone know of what units will be hiring residents, and if so what units have more openings?
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    Hi MontanaRed, I know the openings are ICU, gen med, gen surg, GYN, ortho, neuro, L&D, ED, tele, oncology, short stay, behavioral health, nephro, and PCU. I am not sure what units have more openings though....I wish I knew too.
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    Thanks liftfitnhealthyrn
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    I've also applied but have not heard anything yet. I know they have contacted applications for phone interviews.
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    Hi there!

    I recently received a phone call from Swedish HR saying that they would like to set up a phone interview with a nurse recruiter. Anybody have any experience with this? Any interview questions that you can share?

    Thanks so much!
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    HR will be doing phone interviews until early November, and interviews with nurse managers will be the first 2 weeks of December if anyone wanted to know.
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    Hello All,

    They scheduled my phone interview fairly late in November on the 20th.

    Those with phone interviews, care to share your top 2 unit choices?

    I want to go with women's health and still deciding between gyn surgical, L&D and postpartum.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Are people still getting phone calls or is it too late?
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    Anyone had a phone interview and heard back yet?
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    I received a call today to be scheduled for an in person interview on 12/5. Anyone else have news?