Spring 2012 Washington State University College of Nursing Acceptance Letters? - page 4

Anyone else out there waiting to hear back about weither you got accepted to WSU ICN? My interview was October 22nd (the first weekend) and it seems like I've been waiting forever to hear. I know its getting close to time and I... Read More

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    Quote from TristanNicole
    I'm from Spokane Valley so Id be no help to you! lol I'm suprised I havent heard from anyone else who was accepted to the spokane campus.
    Good luck on your move!
    I'm out in Cheney... I was also admitted to the Spokane Campus. So you are not alone :-P

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    Quote from lisamarie_01
    Hmm, I didn't have any problem with the login. Did you get it to work?
    I did get it to work... I was being a bone head.
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    I would say I have a spare room if you couldnt find anything.
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