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Spokane Community College Waitlist??? - page 8

I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

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    Hey Student00...if you graduated in June 09', then we were classmates! I hope all is well with you and I was curious what (if any) actions are being taken regarding the accreditation issue. I must have gotten lucky and been hired at SHMC without having worked there previously, however, for a supplemental position. What I find really disturbing is the perception that everyone at the hospital seems to have about SCC losing ALL of their accreditation! NOT TRUE, but this NLN issue has really marred the college's reputation. I have since left my position, because I had a baby, has anything changed at SHMC? I know they are going for magnet status and that is something. Do you know how our classmates have fared in their job searches? Now that I am applying for positions, I am not getting any interviews. Thanks, and nice bumping into ya!
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    I got my letter recently. I got accepted for this spring, but I'm reluctant to go to SCC. Rumors of Fall accreditation are keeping me interested.
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    Quote from thing3
    Rumors of Fall accreditation are keeping me interested.
    Well, go to EWU. More space for us, people, on waiting list. Just kidding
    As long as there're accreditation at the time of graduation you will be fine.
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    I decided not to go. I actually am at EWU right now but not for nursing. Good luck!
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    Quote from thing3
    I got my letter recently. I got accepted for this spring, but I'm reluctant to go to SCC. Rumors of Fall accreditation are keeping me interested.
    One of the first things ***** and ***** will go over is that even though the program's not nationally accredited it is accredited by the state and will most likely be nationally accredited by the middle/end of 2012. If it gets accreditation all students currently enrolled get it.

    Good luck see you on campus

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    middle to end of 2012? when did that change? had said it wouldn't take that long after we got state. She said end of this year (like November) or very early next at the latest? If that's changed why did none of us in 2nd year here about it?
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    Talk to and she said national accreditation is still hoping for fall visit. State passed, they sent all paperwork to national and it has to be reviewed so they can set a date to come out.
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    I Meant 2011. It is supposed to be this fall.

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    anybody getting letters yet for fall or is it too early?
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    anybody who is accepted into program should watch their mail now.
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    I got my letter several days ago, I have been on the list for a year and a half. Woo hoo!
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    Congrats! I've got on the list last June. I guess a year is not enough..:/
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    Actually that is when I got on the list too. By the time I start the program it will be the year and a half that I was told to expect. I wouldn't give up if I were you, I bet there will be a lot of no shows at the orientation on Thursday and you might get bumped in. I wish they were more open about how their list system works, it killed me to always be in the dark and to keep getting my hopes up. Also, if you get a letter of acceptance it will be certified mail and you will have to sign for it. If I had known that I wouldn't of spent so much time stalking my mailbox; so I thought I'd pass the info on to other fellow stalkers.

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