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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

  1. by   B_rac777
    Quote from slemon
    Did you get any letter from SCC telling you when you might get in?
    As for RN to BSN program, I am pretty sure there would no problem. That's kinda my plan as well.
    I guess that makes sense. If you pass the test and are an RN then probably any school will take you for their RN to BSN program. Seems to me that those programs RN to BSN are more for older nurses who became RN's before alot of the RN's had degrees and what not.
  2. by   B_rac777
    Quote from slemon
    Did you get any letter from SCC telling you when you might get in?
    As for RN to BSN program, I am pretty sure there would no problem. That's kinda my plan as well.
    No I haven't gotten a letter yet. But from reading on this forum it sounds like there are about 200 people on the wait list. And if they add 50 this quarter, and 70 next quarter, and I think with about a 10% of those unable to get in for whatever reason backround check ect. I think September '11 I have a good shot at being in the school. Either way this spring I'm gonna register and start finishing up prereqs for the WSU BSN program. I think I just need the 2 chemistry classes and psych 101 and 1 math class to get my pre reqs out of the way.
  3. by   rainyn
    I know for the WSU BSN program you need the extra two chem classes (org & bio), but I'm not sure for the RN to BSN they are needed. http://nursing.wsu.edu/academics/RNtoBSN/prereqGER.html

    I am on the waitlist at SCC as of the end of Fall quarter 2010. I have no idea my number, I haven't called to check. But I also don't mind the wait; I'm going to spend the time finishing up my Associate degree since it appears it is needed for the RN to BSN program anyway.
  4. by   BarnOwl
    So is anyone here starting at Spokane Community College this Spring 2011? I am and just wondering if anyone else is and if they have any good current information about the program.
  5. by   slemon
    How do you know you starting this spring? Did you get a confirmation letter? Whenever I was put on a list they said I will get a letter in March about acceptance into a program or waiting list status. :/
  6. by   BarnOwl
    I've been on the list for 20 months and I know my number. They are at least taking 50 this spring start but it is looking good for 70 to start as well. They will know the first week of february how many exactly but my number is up. If they take less than 20 even, I'm in.
  7. by   slemon
    Are there any scheduled meetings/announcements for the prospective students?
  8. by   BarnOwl
    I don't know of any at this time but the letters to those of us on the waiting list should be going out within the next couple of weeks. If there are any informational meetings scheduled it should be mentioned in your letter. Hope you get good news!
  9. by   slemon
    yes, here's waiting
  10. by   BarnOwl
    I got my letter yesterday! I'm in! Anyone else? Registration is on February 25th. Can't wait! Congrats to all.
  11. by   slemon
    Congratulations BarnOwl! You have some exciting times ahead of you. I did receive letter though looks like I'm still waiting. It says I have been placed on a waiting list. What? I was put on a list since end of a spring quarter
  12. by   BarnOwl
    Thanks Slemon. I know how you feel. I waited almost 2 years! Keep yourself busy doing all the things you enjoy and probably won't be able to do while you're in school. Be glad that you have this much of the wait over. This is a short amount of time compared to how much time you will spend in your liftime working as a nurse! Try to enjoy each stage of the ride. I'm sure at some point we will both be thinking that the wait wasn't so bad and will be so tired that we are wishing that we were back in the waiting game. Those that have gone before us are good resoures of information. Try to find as many as you can! Hoping for good news for you for fall quarter. Letters go out for that in June! Not to far off! Do you know your number?
  13. by   slemon
    I am OK with waiting. Actually it's even working out better this way. I am thinking of getting NAC license. But years seems a lot.