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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

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    This topic has already been covered in this thread. Look back at previous posts please.
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    Quote from Student Mike

    Accreditation, well that is an issue if you want to work for the VA or other federal organization. Most other employers, that I know of only look for state accreditation. It also appears that SCC will get their accreditation back by the time we complete the program. Odd, even though the VA won't hire without the accreditation, I am doing my practicals at the VA.:
    This is about all I could find but it still does not explain why a school would loose it. Is it just a matter of filling out some kinda of paper work or is it how they run their school. because if its the second one I would rather not go to SCC. I will be attending in the fall no matter what to start my prerequis but I would rather not only count on this then. also would federal/va organizations count for military bases over seas?
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    Barn Owl, Be very careful about SCC nursing school. They lost a major certification NLN, and while you can still sit for your boards, NCLEX, there are several schools and institutions that will not hire you without this NLN cert. I work at Providence a 700 bed faciltiy and they will not hire SCC grads starting this fall. You will not be hired at any federal institutions. You cannot transer to Gonzaga, or U of W if you want to move on. I would call the state and get this confirmed. Do not rely on SCC to get your info, I guarantee you they will not tell you the truth but there are several hundred new RN's out there looking for work and only getting long term care jobs. Be proactive in your research!
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    What do you think about the last post on this thread?

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    Student Mike,

    What do you think about the last post on this thread?

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    It's more than just filling out paper work. There are 6 criteria for getting this cert. and the school must pass with 100%. SCC failed to have the proper ratio of teachers with their Master's degrees. They tried to cover it up from the NLN regulators by saying that some of the staff (lab teachers) weren't teachers. The students went into an uproar because these lab teachers had the ability to fail us. We complained to this board and SCC failed. This was the second time they failed!!! They promised me they would have the cert back by the time I graduated but since they failed, I graduated w/o it. Maybe you don't want to work for a federal institution but the point is, you dont have a choice! And if you want to go on and get your BSN you will not be able. Just for fun, call Gonzaga and ask them, see if they will accept you.
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    Gonzaga will except those of us with prerequisites from SCC but your saying if we got an RN from SCC and wanted to transfer to Gonzaga for RN to BSN program they wouldn't take us? How do you know that Providence won't hire SCC grads after this fall? Is their a contact person to find this out for sure? And who from the state would one need to call to verify these claims? You seem like a genuinely concerned person and I have heard these claims recently from other sources. Just curious why you are making the effort to inform me in particular. You obviously are one of the lucky ones who got your degree w/o national accreditation and are working for Providence so this doesn't really affect you. Or does it? Not angry, just curious.
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    Barn Owl, I just e-mailed about 30 of my fellow classmates saying I contacted someone on Allnurses telling them (you) to beware and do your homework. I was just goofing around on this web site and saw your post. My response is more random than specific I responded to you in particular because you want to go there. We are perplexed that the media is not jumping on this since it's newsworthy and people should know what they are getting into with SCC. As I mentioned you can still sit for your NCLEX boards but the trend for hospitals and universities is moving toward nurses with a minimum BSN. I know Providence won't hire because I've work there as a nurse' aide for almost five years. They will hire people who already work there because two of my friends got jobs. However that's two out of 70! You can call Peg Curry V.P. at Providence. I've talked to her and she is very upfront about it. Apparently HR will tell you that they are hiring SCC because it is not yet policy. It might be a liability thing. Also call Gonzaga. They will not take a transfer to their BSN program from SCC. Nor will U of W. Finally call the VA in Spokane, Kootenai Hospital in CdA, any federal or WA state prison about who they will employ. I don't know who to contact at the state level as far as getting info on SCC but I would make a list of questions. Maybe Department of Health would know, they are in charge of issuing the RN licenses. Trying calling state nursing regulators. You are investing money and time into a life fullfilling career. Make sure your investment is secure. Good Luck.
  9. by   rainyn
    wsu will take scc nursing grads for their rn to bsn program. contact them for more info. i was informed by a department chair at sfcc that a new director and some other top dog was brought into scc's nursing program. that this new director has brought other nursing programs to accreditation and should not have a problem getting scc's accreditation back in fall 2011.

    north idaho college has a good reputation in the area and their rn grads are finding jobs. i don't believe it to be much of an issue of either rn or bsn, more of the accreditation issue and an economy/lack of job issue.

    i talked with one woman that works in the admin dept of a local facility and she said their hiring director preferred community college students over university students because the cc's have more clinical/practical training, whereas the u students spend more time in the classroom. i have no experience to know if that is true or not.
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    So how's waiting going for everyone? Or school for that matter?
    Here's waiting for March to hear good news
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    I got on the wait-list in June. Hoping that I start in September. I don't mind the wait I guess because hopefully they will fix the certification issue before I even start. Thats the only thing that really worries me about SCC nursing. From what I hear its a good school and you learn enough to pass the test, but being blacklisted from jobs just because the school can't get certified really would suck.

    Does anyone know if the WSU nursing school will accept ADN people from SCC for their RN to BSN program? Because that has always been my plan, to get my ADN and get working in the field and part time school for my BSN at the WSU nursing school.
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    Did you get any letter from SCC telling you when you might get in?
    As for RN to BSN program, I am pretty sure there would no problem. That's kinda my plan as well.
  13. by   student00
    I am with Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane. I graduated with my RN this past June. I will tell you, Sacred Heart will not, I repeat, will not hire SCC grads. I work there because I worked as a NAC for five years while going to school. WSU will take SCC students to want to get their BSN. I heard SCC reduced their student load to 50, down from 70. It was quite mediocre but I did pass the NCLEX.