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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC didn't have a waitlist:eek: ... Read More

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    Don't stress about it too much, fall quarter is still 3 months away. I didn't get my spring acceptance from the waitlist until 3 weeks before the quarter started. I'd give it till after the 4th weekend and see what your spot is then.

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    Thanks Dallet6. I'm going to try to just keep myself busy. I am starting Surg 105 on monday and am having a garage sale next weekend. Have some projects around the house to finish up etc. I think the part that is hard for me is that it feels like my life is on hold. It's one of those hurry up and wait situations. Not to fun. Thanks again for your encouragement!
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    I checked my number today and I am now #6 on the waitlist. I guess I'm moving up on the list.
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    Hello fellow waitlisters and future colleagues,
    well I just got on the waiting list and Georgeanna said it's about 1.5 years. I really hope it will be faster. I was taking the rest of my prereqs for 2 quarters (I have medical background and some classes I've taken before), which was not that stressful; even taking microbiology with Mr. Timm at SFCC.
    1.5 years seems like quite a bit, and I am currently looking at other schools as well, but they want few more prereqs plus I would have to retake some classes since they more than 5 years old. Not really sure what to do.. So confusing.

    So what do you guys think about this issue of national accreditation? Should we be concerned?
    What was that meeting on 21st all about? I came in to be accepted on a waiting list and saw that.

    PS: As far as HIV/AIDS- blood-borne pathogen class concerned, I found certificate for 7 hours class that I took few years ago. It doesn't say "blood-borne pathogen", just HIV/AIDS. Is that gonna be fine?
    Well, happy waiting!

    by the way, how do you guys know your number on the waiting list?
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    Does anyone know the reasons as to why people are taken off the wait list even after they have gone through the orientation? I am hoping to get into the program this fall and have been to see Christina today to see if I have moved up on the list. I was number 3 ten days ago. She did not tell me anything besides the fact that she does not yet know who's application will be denied. Is it possible that people's applications are denied after they have already registered? Seems cruel.
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    People get dropped for a variety of reasons. Criminal record being one. The CPS one that I mentioned in an earlier post is the one that I think affects the most people. Drug tests are only required if the facility you are going to be at requires it.

    Everyone at orientation is completely registered by the end of orientation. But after the orientation, and after the background check people are continuously dropped.

    So if you are third, I would lay good odds on your getting in for fall. I would also lay fair odds on BarnOwl getting in also.

    I would think that the HIV/AIDS training you have will do, if it is within the last few years. You can ask Georgiana about that.

    You can find out your position on the waiting list by checking with registration in building 15.

    Accreditation, well that is an issue if you want to work for the VA or other federal organization. Most other employers, that I know of only look for state accreditation. It also appears that SCC will get their accreditation back by the time we complete the program. Odd, even though the VA won't hire without the accreditation, I am doing my practicals at the VA.

    I hope this answered some of the questions.

    Current SCC Nursing Student (Starting 2 qtr)

    SI Vis Pace, Parabellum
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    If you were #3 ten days ago then you are in. I was #9 ten days ago and now I'm #6. You can email ****** at ******* to ask about your number on the waiting list. ****** no longer works at SCC. She has moved to Maine. To the one who asked about the Nursing information meeting that was last monday, it was mostly about the accreditation issue and also about the current job market. Basically they told us that Spokane is flooded with nurses right now and that is the reason they only took 50 students for fall. They highly recommended that everyone go on to get their BSN. They said that Sacred Heart is only hiring BSN's since they have applied for magnet status which means they guarantee that at least 75% of their staff is BSN or higher. They said that many new gradutates have had to wait up to a year after graduating to find a job. They said that employers will hire from applicants in the following order.....BSN's first, then RN's from Nationally accredited schools and then lastly RN's from non-nationally accredited schools. Currently it is an employer market where they can choose from many many applicants and that everyone is dispensable. The did say that many nurses who had planned to retire were unable to due to the economy crashing. They lost so much in their retirement accounts that they couldn't retire. They have continued to work until they have built up their accounts. This will mean many will retire in the next 3-5 years leaving many job openings. Have you heard anything different about the market 'Student Mike'? Does anyone know when they will have finished evaluating background checks etc. on fall applicants? Congrats Arisha, it looks really good for you! Let us know when you find out.
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    Thank you BarnOwl, I will email ****
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    Today in class *****( ARNP, Instructor, Department Chair, ATI Supervisor, and all around good egg) addressed some of the rumors and myths. Yes, the class was shrunk due to a glut of ADN RN's in Spokane. She says she is 99.9% convinced that we will have our NLN accreditation by the time our class graduates(December 2011). She says the Providence Healthcare(SHMC & HFH) is hiring ADN RN's but that they have decreased their hiring across the board.

    Arisha, If you got in congrats. BarnOwl, I still think the odds are good that you will get in.

    Hope to see both of you in the fall, although I probably wouldn't know who you are if I saw you. I still haven't figured out who dallet6 is and we have been chatting on this board for months and have completed one quarter.


    Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum
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    Student Mike,

    Glad to hear that Sacred Heart is still hiring ADN nurses. Nice to hear your opptomism about my getting in, in the fall also. I am not feeling so opptomistic at this point. I am actually in a weird state right now. Starting to panic a bit about the difficulty of the program and also the job itself. I have read a few threads here that say nursing classes are twice as hard as our hardest pre-req and that the job itself is horribly difficult. What do you think about comments like these? How hard is nursing school really? I got a 4.0 in both micro and chem and did really well in all of my other pre-reqs but I had to work hard for those grades. Thinking about working twice that hard hurts a little, ya know? I don't know why I am all of a sudden second guessing myself. Maybe because I am so close to getting in or maybe because I have thought about this adventure for so long that the excitement has worn off a bit. Don't know. Like I said, weird state. Anyway, what does SI Vis Pacem, Parabellum mean?


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