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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

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    Thanks so much for the encouragement Dallet6! I'm sure you can understand my eagerness to get started. I was in the program at SCC 12 years ago and I didn't finish and I have regretted it ever since. I am an older student with 4 kids. Ages 16, 13, 9, and 7. How was your first quarter? Do you have any advice for an incoming student? Did you have to take Surg 105?

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    I am also finishing up my first quarter. It was hard but not as hard as I was worried about. You will probably get in if you are 9th on the wait list. Hopefully you will find out if you are in before orientation. If not, maybe someone will send you the orientation info like I did for dallet.

    As dallet said people get dropped from the list for lots of reasons. Felonies are a big reason, but the one that surprised me was when they said that if you had had your child removed by CPS for any reason and for any length of time you will be dropped.

    Good Luck

    Si Vis Pacem Parabellum
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    I hope you are right about my possibility of getting in for fall quarter. The fact that they are only taking 50 students in the fall makes me a bit nervous. I'm not getting any younger and would like to start asap. I'm surprised that they don't let people know in advance about the CPS issue. Did you find out about that at your orientation? As you know, it takes alot of effort just to get through the prerequisites. It seems people would want to know this before they invested time and money to the point of acceptance into the program, don't you think? I have a meeting in the Lair on the 21st for those of us who remain on the list. Hoping to gain more insight into my chances at that meeting. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. Any insight into what I have ahead of me is greatly appreciated! Thanks StudentMike!
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    Yeah, They told us about the CPS issue at orientation. I think that took out a few people. I think that they should be a little more upfront about the dis-qualifiers. I think that we lost about 20% of our students after orientation. So with that average you should be able to get in.

    I am an older student, 40, also. Although there are students older that me in the class.

    Good Luck, I hope to see you in the fall.


    Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum
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    Surg105 is not required, if you already have the AIDS Blood borne Pathogens certificate. If not it is an easy way to get the certificate.


    Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum
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    I got a letter from the school that said that they recommend that you have the class before the start of the program. It currently is not required to get on the waiting list but it will be starting Fall 2011. I am taking it online starting on the 28th. It is a 1 credit completely online course. Should be easy enough. I don't already have HIV/Blood Borne Pathogens certificate. Thought I would get it out of the way so that I don't have to take it while in the program. The girls in the office in Bldg. 9 said that those that start this fall will be required to take it concurrently as well as CPR for those who don't have the appropriate CPR certification. I would like to take this too before starting the program. Do you know of a class that meets this requirement? So how did your first quarter go? Are you looking forward to the start of summer quarter?
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    The Nursing Club usually has a CPR class that you can take. They will mention this at orientation. I missed the class they had so I had to go to a local provider.

    CPR Safety Services
    1104 W. Wellesley Ave. Suite B
    Spokane, WA. 99205
    In Spokane Call 509-327-2085, outside call: 1 (800) 467-0903

    They are a good provider. But it can be expensive, the Nursing club is must less expensive.

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    Student Mike,

    Thanks so much for the information. I will definately check that out this summer. I really appreciate it!

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    any word yet? did you get in? i know orientation was only today.

    just wondering.


    si vis pacem, parabellum
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    I haven't heard anything other than a girl that I know who got in and was at the orientation said that a few people didn't show up to the orientation. She thought maybe 5 didn't show. I was still #9 on the list as of last week. So I don't know. How soon after the orientation do they get the info back on the background checks? I imagine I will have to wait for a letter in the mail. I thought about calling to check on my number but thought it might be best to wait until those background checks come back. I know that everyone has already registered for fall. Will they tell someone that they can't attend even after they have registered? When I was in the program before we had to take a drug test before we could start the program. It doesn't sound like they require that anymore? Not that I can't pass a drug test, just wondering if that is another reason someone might not get in. I don't want to wish failure on anyone. I just wish they had taken more students. They told us at our informational meeting on monday that the reason they only took 50 was because the market is flooded with nurses right now and that there have been recent graduates who have waited up to a year to find a job. I guess the hospitals don't want SCC to cut back their enrollment again though, since they anticipate many to retire within the next 5 years and want to have enough nurses to fill those jobs. There are currently 200 people on the waitlist. It seems to me that with so many wanting this opportunity, I can't imagine that someone wouldn't take their spot or not do everything they could to keep their spot. I'm not feeling very opptomistic. I am actually quite sad. I know spring quarter is a sure thing for me and only 10 months away but I can't help but feel sad about not starting in September. I kind of feel like I am being left behind since both of my lab partners from micro got in and I will essentially be 2 quarters behind them now. I registered for Nutrition 251 and Math 99 (last took in 1995, and need in order to take statistics) for fall so I can get what I need out of the way to do the RN to BSN after SCC. I'll take Statistics and the Psych 200 that they now want in the winter. Have you taken Nutrition or Statistics? I'm trying to stay positive and am hoping and praying that I get good news sometime this summer. I really appreciate you checking back with me! How nice of you to care!

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