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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

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    anybody who is accepted into program should watch their mail now.

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    I got my letter several days ago, I have been on the list for a year and a half. Woo hoo!
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    Congrats! I've got on the list last June. I guess a year is not enough..:/
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    Actually that is when I got on the list too. By the time I start the program it will be the year and a half that I was told to expect. I wouldn't give up if I were you, I bet there will be a lot of no shows at the orientation on Thursday and you might get bumped in. I wish they were more open about how their list system works, it killed me to always be in the dark and to keep getting my hopes up. Also, if you get a letter of acceptance it will be certified mail and you will have to sign for it. If I had known that I wouldn't of spent so much time stalking my mailbox; so I thought I'd pass the info on to other fellow stalkers.
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    1-2 years seems like an awful long time to wait for a AS nursing degree, or is it a BS degree?
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    It is a long time. And it is only an AAS. But it is far less expensive, and we can work as an RN while completing a BSN if we should choose to do so. Many employers will even help pay for an RN to get their BSN.
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    ASN programs in other areas can take 2+ years to get in, or you might never get in since most are based on point systems
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    Nationals is coming out in November for accreditation review. personally viewing all that has been done to prepare for this and all the improvements in the program, I see no reason we won't pass. So everyone in the program now and in the future will graduate from an accredited school
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    Helo all,

    I just read this entire post, looking for information on wait lists, time it has taken etc. I tell ya, anyone who goes through this wait process must really want to be a nurse. I have much respect for all of you for waiting as long as you have.

    On that note, a little about my situation. I am a pianist, currently living in Salt Lake City, but lived in Spokane for several years and want to come back! As you could probably imagine, the economy has not been so nice to the piano industry, as I used to be a pretty successful professional. I used to think "I don't need college, I make 70-100k a year!" Well that is certainly not the case anymore and I am eating those words as we speak. As a single, 29 year old male, I have decided that my thinking was certainly flawed and it is time to get an education! I am scared to pieces I tell you. After all the options, and a lot of studying, I decided to look into nursing. For me it seems perfect for my personality, it gives me time to travel for piano gigs, etc and seems to be very fulfilling. I assumed that it was the typical process of getting my associates, doing well, transferring to a four year, and busting my butt for a couple more years to get my BSN. After getting my hopes up I am now learning that it is more like 6 years before I can get a job as a nurse.. That's if everything goes very smoothly (which we all know never happens in life). I'm a bit dissapointed in the lack of information regarding how long this wait list might be. I initially wanted to go to SCC to get my associates and transfer to EWU.

    I apologize for such a long post so I'll get down to my questions. I need some advice here. I feel that I'm better off with a BSN as I would like the opportunity to advance later on down the road. Does EWU's program through WSU go off a waiting list or is it competitive? I hate the idea of a wait list entirely, but if it is based off GPA etc, and from what I hear as far as how high your GPA needs to be in this situation, I may not have a chance. I'm just trying to be realistic with myself. I'll try as hard as I can, but I've never been a 4.0 student, and the fact of the matter is that I will have to keep a full time job during all of this. Am I getting in over my head here? I'm a bit intimidated about being a student and having to juggle another life at the same time, but I think I really want to do this. Any advice or suggestions for my sporadic, lengthy post here. Anything helps. thanks!
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    I was just as scared as you are and I also wanted it reeeeally bad. After my husband and I lost a very successful construction company and everything we had when the economy tanked, my "hobby job" of being a nurse actually seemed like it would become more of a necessity then a hobby when my 3 kids started school full time. So when we moved back to Spokane I pushed aside my fear of juggling and of the unknown and enrolled at SCC. I also plan to do my BSN but the route I decided to take was to get my RN through SCC and then do the RN to BSN bridge program at WSU. By going this route, I get to work in about 4 years instead of 5 or 6. So it took me 5 quarters to do pre reqs and then I was on the wait list for 1.5 years. I am 2.5 years in now and in spring of 2013 I can take my NCLEX and look for a job. So all said and done, it will be 4 years exactly start to finish for me. Then if all goes well, maybe I can find an employer who is willing to pay for all or part of my BSN while I work as an RN. SCC does not go on a point system, the only requirement is that you finish pre reqs with a 2.5 minimum to get on the waitlist. Then its first come first served pretty much. Also, the route I am taking is much much cheaper since I will only have about one year at a university instead of 4 or more. I hope this helps, I know it is super scary!

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