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I graduate from a nursing school in Chicago, IL this December. I've known for a while that I wanted to live in a different state after graduation, and after a few months of research and thought I'm... Read More

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    I agree that it's still hard even for local new grads to find jobs--though not as hard as it was a couple of years ago--but it has nothing to do with having gone to school "outside" UW. Harborview hires from all schools. If there's a backroom preference for UW grads, it certainly isn't coming out in the actual hiring.

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    To the OP, I'm a WA native who went to school in Michigan - because the WA state nursing school situation is extremely difficult to get into as well, even with great grades - and I'm graduating in December, looking to come back home! I know its tough for us new grads, but I wanted to let you know that Harborview is currently hiring for new grad positions and they are giving us a 3 month grace period to graduate/get our licenses. Here is the link:

    I'm working on completing my senior preceptorship in an ICU at Swedish in Seattle's First Hill Campus and I'm praying this will give me an edge when I apply (I'm also a CNA/care aide on cardiac floor in Michigan). Let me know if you'd like to "team up" and hunt for new grad opportunities and share them on AllNurses. I'm looking for openings/residencies but school takes up time so I'm probably not as thorough as I could be.

    P.S. Great username haha - I'm currently pulling an all nighter myself! Also if you have an way of getting an Seattle address for your application I'd consider it...I've heard Seattle-area hospitals have a bias towards hiring "natives" (which is why I'm using my family home's address haha).
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