Skagit Valley College

  1. Did anyone here applied for Fall 2011?
    I have scheduled interview for May! So excited and nervous!
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  3. by   smiley31388
    How was your interview? I have mine tomorrow and I'm NERVOUS!! What kind of questions did they ask? I think I will do great but any pointers would help!
  4. by   khawk26
    You had an interview today? I had one yesterday! I was a wreck. I thought having a group interview would make it easier but it made me even more nervous because somebody else would answer a question before me and instead of concentrating on what I was going to say, all I could focus on is how much more organized and concise the other student's answers seemed. I was by far the most awkward out of the 4 of us they had in there. I'm just really crossing my fingers I get in anyways! I turned down a spot at WSU yakima to be at SVC! So I can't afford not to get in =( How about you? Is SVC your first choice?
  5. by   smiley31388
    Sorry I just saw this comment...but I got in!! Whoo hoo!! But yes, I was a nervous wreck during the group interviews. All of the other girls had great answers and I thought I wasn't going to get in because my answers were pretty plain and generic. Apparently it was good enough tho! How did you do? Did you get in?
  6. by   khawk26
    I didn't get in that round, but I did just get accepted for Fall! I'm so excited and nervous! How do you like the program so far?