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Shoreline CC Fall 2013 Hopefuls?

  1. 0 I know the application period does not close until early April, but I have my application in and am going nuts just waiting to hear. Anyone else applying? How were your application points? Let's keep in touch and pass the time!
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    I will be applying. I have been waiting because I am hoping to hear if I got into SU. I am taking the compass test on Friday (unless I get a letter from SU tomorrow! and then I won't be applying!) and then will work on my application over the weekend. I already sent transcripts in.
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    If you have more than 103 points, you shouldn't be worried. But be prepared for Shoreline. It is VERY, VERY HARD
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    I applied for Fall 2013, I don't really remember what my point total was.. something around 103 I think. I just got accepted to LWIT, but I really want to go to Shoreline. I'm so nervous! I wonder if anyone else has heard back?
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    I don't expect to hear back until the first two weeks of May. Waiting, waiting, waiting....!
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    I applied with 105.25 points. Waiting for the letter seems to be taking forever. Hope I get in this time.
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    ljr83 My advise to you is to accept LWTC. At Shoreline most of the people that apply are 4.0 students and about 30% don't make it to the second quarter. In my class 2 quit after the second week and 4 din't make it. I was one of them((. The same thing happened with the previous quarters.
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    AndreiC - I'm curious to hear what you found most difficult? Was it the workload, or the class material, or something else?

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Yeah, I'm curious too! I did accept LWIT, but was planning on going to Shoreline instead if I am accepted. It's just so much closer to home and I'd rather not be in the car to and from Kirkland every day for an hour. I'm pretty much a 3.8 student.. I think I could make it? What made people quit after just two weeks?!
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    Hi everyone! There is a lot to write about Shoreline nursing, however, until you won't face it you won't believe it. Same happened to me. I knew its was going to be hard, but i didn't know it is insane. I never been so stressed in my entire life. I couldn't sleep during the night, i didn't eat well. I din't work at all and I was studding all the time. I went twice to the gym, and i watched couple of movies, other than that there is no time for anything.
    First two weeks we had classes from 6:30 till 3:50 and that was durable, but then clinical started and all the paper writing, presentations, quizzes exams. 3 presentations,8 quizzes, 9 exams... I was falling behind on all the reading... I my class maybe few people actually read everything.
    Exams are very hard. All the questions have 3-4 right answers and you choose the best ones.
    One thing I should say, I ve heard many good things about Shoreline, but I never heard from any of the student saying that they like it there.
    Also, someone from the college told me that in the 4th quarter 6 students din;t make it to the 5th in the winter quarter.
    Good luck to you all.
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    I am in the same boat with you guys....I got in at LWIT and North Seattle, waiting to hear on Shoreline. I just dont know which has the better program. LWIT is still not accrediated so that worries me and the program is newer. I dont know anyone that has come out of there.

    I know people out of North and Shoreline but have never taken any classes there. Has anybody heard about LWIT graduates being good?
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    I have a few friends at LWIT and they said that they like it there. I went and spoke with a few teachers at LWIT nursing program and I was told that they lose a person maybe two. 95% of their students pass the state exam vs Shoreline 100%. Shoreline produces good nurses, but you have to study really, really hard and you don't know if you are gonna make it.
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    LWIT is accredited by the Washington State Dept. of Health.