Seattle University BSN (transfer) Fall 2013 - page 3

I didn't see any thread for Seattle U BSN transfer program fall 2013. Lets see if anybody else applied other than me lol..... Read More

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    Ugh, I will probably be out of town when they arrive!

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    GPA 3.5, 3 years of healthcare experience...I have a husband and son and I'm Catholic. I'm not sure how much it matters as long as you can pay the bill, ha! But I made sure to squeeze it in my essay just for good measure!
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    3.5GPA, 4.0 so far in prereqs. I have a bachelor degree in a non nursing field and some volunteer experience in a hospital. Unfortunately my prereqs aren't complete. I am taking anatomy and micro this quarter, then the second anatomy next quarter. I will be finished by the end of spring as required, but I'm worried about getting in without these key classes completed. On the bright side, I have been doing great in both classes while continuing to work full time. I'm definitely ready! Good luck everyone.
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    Has anyone heard anything from SU yet?? Last year they had 700 applicants and 70 spots... This waiting game is no fun, but February is just about over and mid-March we'll know!! >_
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    Nothing yet
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    No news is good news! Right??
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    I also applied for 2013 fall admission. The wait is terrible! We are almost done with February though, so hopefully the letters will be coming soon!

    I have a 3.8 overall GPA, and 3.7 pre-req GPA. I still have two classes left to take- Micro and Stats (Spring quarter). Does anyone know how many spots they have for transfers?
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    I am gotten in !!!
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    @amly did u apply as transfer.
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    @Amily - you received your letter? Oh my gosh....I've been waiting so long, but now I'm so nervous.

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