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I just got accepted to Seattle University's APNI program and was wondering if any of my fellow future classmates were interested in starting a thread of our own. We are about to embark on an amazing, stressful and exciting... Read More

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    Yeah, the game starts around 6:30pm tonight so it'll prolly be packed at The Ram. I'm going to call them around 6pm and maybe get down there a little earlier so that we can hopefully get a table by 7pm. If not, like Mike said, we can always go somewhere else. The table will be under my name (Jessica) for about 12 people.
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    Hey cohort!

    I'm really happy that people were able to make it out tonight on such short notice! Thanks for coming! It was great to meet everyone and put a name/personality to the face. I can already tell that we've got a great cohort this year!

    We'll definitely plan something for next month (May) and something in June before orientation.

    Anyone have any suggestions on where, when, or what to do?

    I can't wait to meet everyone else!
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    Sorry I wasn't able to make it out this time. I was looking forward to meeting all of you! Next time!

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    Has anyone else looked at their Financial Aid award -- I have some confusion about whether aid is available for the summer term and what the exact cost of the first year is.

    Does anyone know more?
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    I haven't received a financial aid award letter yet- I did check SUonline but it's showing my award letter isn't available. Is that where you saw yours, or did they mail you something?

    I know that the summer financial aid has to be applied for separately. Under "My documents" on SUonline, I did have a message that I needed to fill out a summer financial aid application, and that the deadline for applying is 6/30/09. I'm afraid that's all I know!

    I'm wondering about the cost too- all I know is the cost per credit, which is $541. I'd like to know what they calculate for the cost of attendance since that's what financial aid is based on. Anyone else know more?

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    My award letter is showing. I know that summer aid is a separate application and I believe it will be available later this month.

    I looked under "My cost of attendance/estimated family contribution" under Financial Information and it gave me the following breakdown:

    Grad Tuition: $12, 864
    Budgeted Room Cost: $7,300
    Budgeted Board Cost: $4,440
    Grad Books/Supplies: $1,128
    Budgeted Personal Expense: $3,004
    Budgeted Transportation Cost: $2,140
    Budgeted Grad Loan Fees: $91
    Total: $30,967

    I hope this helps.
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    I forgot to add that that is for Summer through the following Spring.

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    It should be, considering we take about 53 credits the first year, which at $541 a credit is $28,673. I was going to call the financial aid office about that one.
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    That's what I thought too. We take 53 credits the first full yr and at $541 a credit, that should be $28,673. I was going to call the financial aid office about that...
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    That was my confusion -- shouldn't this:

    Grad Tuition: $12, 864

    be almost twice that amount?