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I just got accepted to Seattle University's APNI program and was wondering if any of my fellow future classmates were interested in starting a thread of our own. We are about to embark on an... Read More

  1. by   lily12284
    Just joined...happy to see so much communication already! My name is Lily, I live outside of Seattle (in the Kent/Des Moines area). I will be doing the LCN track. Now a little about me...I'm from all over (grew up in Arizona, Florida, Oregon, New York, Michigan, Venezuela and my family moved to Seattle when I started college). I got my undergrad from University of Miami in International Studies and Psychology. Most recently, I returned from Mozambique (southern Africa) where I spend 2 years as an HIV/Health volunteer with the Peace Corps. I look forward to meeting everyone! Congrats to all!
  2. by   Harte
    Amy - the financial aid letters are online. If you check your SU email, it tells you how to locate it.

    Has anyone heard anything about whether or not we need a PDA of some sort? I've seen that it was recommended in years past that students have one. My phone is on its last legs and I'm wondering if I should get something more than just a regular phone if I'm going to need one for school.

  3. by   APNIStudent
    Hi All!
    I enjoyed meeting everyone at the Ram last week... I think you all are going to have a good cohort. That said, I have decided to pursue a different program. That decision was based on tons of research, where my partner got into grad school, and where I am at this point in my life. It was a difficult decision as I believe that SU is a terrific school and that a decision to stay here would have been equally good. The best of luck to all of you!!
    My program doesn't start until August, but I'll put out there that I will have a cute, renovated 3bed house for rent a few miles South of campus in the best of neighborhoods in Mt. Baker if anyone is interested... shoot an email. It should be available before September 1.
  4. by   ksc2004
    Good luck to you Julian! Where did you decide to go?
  5. by   APNIStudent
    PA program at Samuel Merritt in Oakland
  6. by   ksc2004
    Oh yeah, I remember you telling us about that. Good luck and best wishes!
  7. by   APNIStudent
    Thanks, you too- I plan to come back to Seattle after so maybe our paths will cross again!
  8. by   Emily129
    Looks like I'm late to the game... Great to hear people have already gotten together, let us all know if there's another get together, I'd love to meet some people before we start in June! I currently live in Seattle and I'll be on the FNP track.

    I haven't gotten a financial aid packet yet but spoke with someone on Monday who said a letter should be coming soon. She said the summer app isn't available until we register for classes.
  9. by   avbc830
    I got a letter in the mail last night that basically stated everything that is on SU Online. I talked to my financial aid counselor yesterday and she said that tuition amounts and summer aid applications can be done next month, since everything is still in Spring Qtr right now.
  10. by   Dana-APNI
    I'm a bit confused about the financial aid situation and am hoping someone can help. I received my award, and it is quite a bit short of our first year tuition, which I understand is due to credits being undercalculated and summer excluded. I've talked with my counselor a couple of times and she assured me that we can adjust my cost of attendance so I can get the full Stafford Loan and then can apply for a Plus loan if necessary beyond that. However, I haven't seen anything adjusted yet and I just got another copy of my award letter in the mail today, with the original amounts. Is it too soon for our cost of attendance to be adjusted and for us to apply for additional loans, or has this process already been initiated for any of you? I don't want to keep harassing my financial aid counselor if I need to wait another month. However, its a bit scary not knowing how I'm going to cover all my expenses next year as I pack up to start moving to Seattle. I understand it's too soon to apply for summer aid but I thought we could get the rest of the year straightened out. ????

    How was the get together? I'm sorry I missed it and am really hoping we can plan another one before June! Is this the best forum for everyone to communicate or are we migrating over to facebook? I love the idea of being able to connect with one another as we learn about used books, PDA requirements and our summer schedule. I can't wait to meet everyone!
  11. by   ksc2004
    Hi Dana, I was also in your position. I think most of us were. I don't know who your Fin Aid Counselor was, but mine is Jamie Starr and she changed my loans immediately after I spoke with her. I was also a few thousand dollars short of what our cohort needs for our first year, so I called her and asked her to adjust my loans and she did... right over the phone... I don't know who your Fin Aid Couselor is but if I were you I would ask her again. It's better to be 'annoying' and safe rather than be short of tuition money, ya know? LOL... Also, in terms of applying for private loans, I would wait it off until your SU Stafford and PLUS loans get adjusted. Who knows, maybe they'll give you more than you need.. hopefully :-)
  12. by   Harte
    Hi Dana. I'm in the same boat. I called and spoke with my counselor (Fran) and she was super helpful and friendly and made the credit adjustment while we talked. However, the changes she said the credit adjustment would allow for aren't showing on my award letter, either online or the one I got in the mail. She said that the credit adjustment gave me some crazy amount of plus loans, way more than I'll need, so I'm confident that it will work out and I'll have my costs covered, but I'm a little unsure of what to do next. It seems like nothing is set in stone at this point, especially since we can't even apply for summer aid yet. Everyone's financial aid package will adjust again once we have our loan amounts spread over 4 quarters. I'm going to check in with my counselor, but not worry too much about it until the summer aid stuff is worked out. Where are you moving from?

  13. by   LMSmith3000
    Hello All! I'm a little late in the game, I see. But I wanted to extend a congratulations to all my future classmates!!!! I'll be in the APNI-FNP program (Paise God!!! :bowingpur ). I am beyond excited!!!! I live in Corvallis, Oregon and will be making the move up to Seattle in June. I'm SO nervous about moving! I am really not all that familiar with the area and REALLY need to find a roommate. Are any of you looking for a roommate? If so PM me.

    I would really love to get a chance to meet up with you all, so keep me in the loop if you all meet again! I too am concerned about the cost of attendance, but I'm staying optimistic. Where there's a will there's a way!

    -Lauren Smith