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I just got accepted to Seattle University's APNI program and was wondering if any of my fellow future classmates were interested in starting a thread of our own. We are about to embark on an... Read More

  1. by   NB4u2nv
    Hello to all future APNI students. It's great to hear how excited everyone is. My name is Naomi and I graduated from the UW in Biology. It's going to be great having smaller classes and getting to know you all. I'm really pumped to start the GNP track (gerontological nurse practitioner). I currently reside in the North end and I know there are carpool parking passes that run $91 a quarter. So if anyone lives near the area, I'd be more than happy to carpool. Let me know if you are interested. I look forward to a great nursing journey at SU and wish the best of luck to all of you!
  2. by   ksc2004
    Hi NB4u2nv! WOW! I am so excited you're in the GNP Track too! I also live up North and also looking for some Carpooling buddies. Where up North do you live? I live in the Lynnwood/Everett area.
  3. by   avbc830
    I currently live in Northgate, but will be moving to the Bothell area in about 3 weeks and I am totally up for carpooling.
  4. by   ksc2004
    AVBC --- Sounds great! Anyone else want to join us? Which part of Bothell will you be living in? I am often there because my guy lives there :-)

    We live in Bothell-Everett Highway near Thrashers Corner.
  5. by   yogakim
    Hey all-
    I will see you all there Monday but probably closer to 7:30pm-looking forward to it.
    PS-I know it is crazy but I am not on Facebook!-so keep the info flowing here too-thanks.
  6. by   APNIStudent
  7. by   avbc830
    I will be moving to Thrasher's Corner to the Archstone apts. Now I know where to find a study partner!
  8. by   NB4u2nv

    I live closer to the Greenwood/Greenlake area. So if you think you'll be passing by that area, I wouldn't mind carpooling. Also, do you know what day the APNI gathering at the RAM is taking place? I read somewhere that Monday was the tentative date, but is it this upcoming Monday, April 6th?
  9. by   ksc2004
    OH MY GOSH AVBC... That's where we live (Archstone)! HAHAHA... This is too hilarious. Oh my oh my... This is too funny... We definitely need to keep in touch! I love studying at the UW Bookstore, near the Millcreek Town Center because they have absolutely everything we need to succeed these next 3 years, lol.... plus they don't mind if we borrow their books. Wow, I am just so flabbergasted. A carpool buddy and a study buddy :-)
  10. by   APNIStudent
    yeppers- next Monday. Have a good weekend all!
  11. by   kscherl -APNIGNP
    Hi all! My names Katie I'm in the GNP group, and I currently live in Portland. I'll be in Seattle on Monday, so I'll also attend the get together at The Ram!! Look forward to meeting several of you on Monday, and the rest of you in June!!
  12. by   thecatwebb
    Hey Fellow Cohorts!

    I am currently living in Portland as well and will be up in the area this week. I look forward to meeting everybody at The Ram on Monday. I am in the pscyh tract and am also a single mother...any other parents in the program? I graduated from Evergreen with a general science degree and think that SU will be a great fit for me. I will be living with my boyfriend in Capital Hill when school starts and am looking forward to moving to Seattle.

  13. by   jeccagold
    Ok folks. I've got a rough head count around 7 (from this thread), so I'll shoot for 10 people on Monday. I'll give The Ram a call tomorrow and see if we can reserve an area in the bar...otherwise I'll make a reservation for a table in the dining room under my name (Jessica).

    What: ANPI 2009 Meet and Greet

    Who: APNI acceptee Y-O-U! (and whoever you'd like to bring along)

    When: Monday, April 6th, 2009

    Time: 7PM or whenever you arrive

    Where: The Ram
    2650 University Village
    Seattle, WA 98105
    Tel: 206-525-3565
    Fax: 206-522-4944

    It's across from Crate & Barrel and the UVillage parking garage. It's also next to the Apple Store, J. Crew, etc. and pretty hard to miss.

    I hope this works for everyone! If not, no worries, we'll be sure to set up future meetings closer to June (before orientation on June 17th).

    I'll finalize this info with you all after I call The Ram.

    Let me know if there are any changes!


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