Seattle Central Applicants Fall 2011

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    Did anyone else apply yesterday for the Seattle Central Nursing Program? I'm really nervous because I applied early last year and didn't get in. This year, I went directly to the post office across the street right when they opened so hopefully, it'll work this year! Anyone else nervous? Also, does anyone know how many people they accept each year?
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    I applied on February 1st as well. If your application is complete you should probably get in. All the mail has to get sent to the processing center in Federal Way so it doesn't really matter how close the mailbox is to the school. But it seems that since SC has increased the amount of requirements that less people will have applied this year. Nancy said at the info sesh that they can admit 40-60 students each year but they never know the exact number until way later.
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    Hey uwtheta,
    Yeah, I realized after I took it to the post office, that all of the applications would end up in the same sorting facility in the end so our acceptance was pretty much left up to the US Postal Service at that point. I wonder how many people have applied so far. There were about 15 people in line with me so I think there will be quite a few applicants this year (despite the increase in requirements). But yeah, provided that we had complete applications, I think if we applied on the first day, we should be fine.
    Did you take your application to a post office? Were there lots of people there too?
    Is SC your first choice?
    ::fingers crossed for both of us:: :-)
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    Yeah i just dropped it off at the post office in the morning. The reason I think there will be less applicants is because I went to the last info sesh before the application due date and she said that usually the last one is packed and she was baffled that there were only about 15 people there - most of whom we discovered couldn't even apply this year because they didn't meet the new requirements. I'm not really sure if I have a first choice - it's hard finding a legit source that can actually weigh one program versus another. I think if I get in to more than one program then I will just ask current students what they think of their program and go from there. Other than hearing that Shoreline had a really good program (which I didn't apply to) I haven't heard any concrete statements about the other schools, have you?
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    Not really, no. I haven't heard solid evidence to suggest that one RN program is better over another in this area. I figure I'll probably do the same thing as you if I get into multiple programs- look around and see what other people are saying about them. I've heard that Shoreline is a good program but I also didn't apply. I actually applied to Seattle Central and a couple schools down in the Portland area. I'm interested in moving back down there so I thought that might be a good reason to head down south.
    I emailed the program and less than 100 people have applied so far (as of yesterday) so yeah, I don't think we'll have any trouble getting in if we both dropped our applications off on the first day. They also said more people will be applying after winter quarter but by that point, the program will undoubtedly be filled.
    Do you know about when we'll hear back from Seattle Central about our rejection or acceptance?
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    Wow, that is a lot less applicants than I think there have been in the past. Nancy said that last year she had over 150 applicants after the 3rd day. So considering there are fewer applicants I think that they will probably sift through them faster and be able to send the letters out earlier than they might have in the past. I hope that is the case cuz I am just really anxious to see what happens but you never know i guess! I'm not expecting to hear from them before May though because they have the application period open until April 15th.
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    I hope so because yeah, that's a big difference in numbers. But yes, we probably won't hear before May. My guess is probably by the end of May (hopefully before June).
    What other schools did you apply to?
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    I only applied to Seattle Central, Bellevue and Highline so far but I actually don't think I will apply to any others. I think Bellevue said they notify in April but I haven't found anywhere that says when Highline will notify. What about you?
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    Seattle Central, and 4 Portland schools: PCC, LCCC, MHCC, CCC. I love both Seattle and Portland so either place will be fine for me. I do live in the Seattle area at the moment so it'd be nice not to have to move but really, I'm not that picky. I'll keep you posted and let you know if Seattle Central sends out any letters or emails or something! :-)
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    I made an account just to post on this thread!

    I sent my application in on 2/1.

    Apparently the CNA requirement is the reason for the plummeting number of applications. In previous years there would be students who dropped out of the program during the first few weeks due to not realizing what nursing actually is.

    I applied to Seattle Central, Lake Washington, Centralia, South Puget, Tacoma, and will apply to North Seattle.