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Okay so before I begin... A little about me. I am 20 years old, I am married with a 2 year old, have one more quarter of pre reqs left and one quarter of CNA. So hopefully trying to get in fall 2010.... Read More

  1. by   smiggles2000
    Quote from neeni1
    at my school we were required to take a dosage test..if you did not passed the first time you were given a second try and if you failed you were out of the program..
    This is what I love about UW. The faculty and staff are very understanding and aren't looking for students to kick out of the program like some of the other programs seem to like doing. The faculty are very supportive and will try to help you as much as they can if you are struggling with something. Even if you fail a class you get another chance, although you have to change to part time and finish in three years instead of two. But still, at least you don't get kicked out of the program, eh?
  2. by   NichelleNurse2b
    I have a friend in my ANP2 class that was like num 7 or something on UWs waiting list and she got in for this fall. Is this you Twinkle Toes?? lol I know that sounds weird.
  3. by   twinkletoes12
    hehehe, nope not me. I was #6 on the wait list!
  4. by   just_cause you can pass on to #7 that she might be the next contestant!