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  1. I was wondering if any one could advise , I am looking for a place to stay whilst training in the hospital in Washington. Does any one know of a places to look to rent please let me know. My email address is I would be most grateful for any advice Regards Haidee
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  3. by   somenurse
    Washington DC, or Washington state? why does your school require your clinicals so far away from your home that you need a new apt?


    here is trulia, it is one of 100s of "apt finders" you can use:,DC/x_map/

    ^you can sort them by price, and has "crime" map to look over, too. there are tons of similar apt finders. You can post questions under an apt you look at, and within a day, get replies. There are realtors hoveirng around on that site, too, so is easy way to find a realtor.

    Or, you can google "low cost apts in Washington"
    Or "student housing in washington"
    OR "Apts near Jones Hospital" or
    or whatever. I'd stay away from Craig's list, as some of those are scams. Oh, they list a 'real' apt, but, the person posting the ad has zero to do with that apt.

    Also, most apts today require "application fees"
    and charge $50 to $100 or more,
    just to apply to live there! and sometimes, they are just making cash, and have no apt to rent.

    also, do not put down a deposit on anything you, or someone representing you, has not seen. Those deposits can take weeks to get back again, if the landlord now says "aw geez, we rented it to someone else while you were driving here.." (can happen, read the fine print)

    MIght be good idea to find local realtor,
    too, some don't charge YOU a thing, but instead, work for various apt complexes. It seems to me, you'd be LESS likely to get scammed paying application fees for apts that are not available, or having your deposit taken for weeks.

    GOOD LUCK!! Be skeptical.
    Read reviews of the apts, (google apt reviews, or google "reviews of JONES apts or whatever)) and ask about typical utility bills,(ALL of the utiliites) and ask any hidden fees, like security 'charges', 'parkng' charges, etc. A place i was looking at, charged even single people over $150 per month for "water" bills, ever since they put in their new pool.

    Or, maybe your school has some website for students, you could maybe find a fellow student to share apt with. GOOD LUCK!!
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