Pacific Lutheran University (BSN 2013)

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    I was just wondering if there are any PLU BSN 2013 applicants. I put name if a few hats (UW, SU + ADN/CC programs) and I am sure there are multiple applicants to the PLU programs. Just trying to get a feel from applicants. Also, if there are any current PLU BSN students or Alumni, feel free to chime in on the PLU BSN program. Thanks & all the best to everyone!

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    I applied for 2013 to the BSN program. Just waiting for a response!
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    Oh nice. Good luck. Where did you take your pre-reqs? I am just finishing up with my last pre-req at a local community college. Do you have direct patient care experience (just wondering). Feel free to post your progress so that the rest of us can anticipate letters of admission.
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    I am finishing up my pre-nursing degree at Pierce College. I took a CNA course, never got my license for reasons too long to list here but I at least have those clinical hours. I did some volunteering at a few local emergency rooms also. How about you?
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    Finally, there is a post for the PLU BSN 2013! I just joined to start one myself. I've applied to PLU as well as SU and SPU. I can't wait until we find out... I'm such a nervous wreck. I've been stalking past forums and it seems like in the past they found out between mid march-June. That a pretty big gap, hoping it will be sooner than later. Good luck everyone.
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    @ Sarah......
    I am also finishing up my pre-reqs at TCC & am currently working as a CNA in a hospital setting. I tied my CNA experience and career goals to the letter of acceptance (hopefully it pays off.....Time will tell). From what I have heard, they usually respond via email from April to June. Applicants don't have to go in for an interview or anything. Which could be a +/-. Either way, cant wait to hear back from PLU: since I didn't get accepted to UW or SU.
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    Welcome to the PLU party.....
    I had been looking for a current plu forum & had not able to find one, so decided to get things started. I applied to SU- APNI program & didnt get invited to an interview, although there is still a 50/50 chance that I could get an invite. Either way, I just need one acceptance letter from PLU, SU or Somewhere. Do you have CNA, LPN or healthcare experience?
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    I don't have my CNA or LPN but I have 3 months of volunteer work assisting at a neurosurgery clinic. And lots of volunteer work elsewhere that isn't directly health care related. I have all of my pre req's done for PLU as well as coreq's. For SU I'm retaking a chem class that was outdated(5 years old). So I'm ready to go! Just hoping that is enough. I didn't have a lot of time to take CNA classes on top of all my other classes . We will see. If I don't get into a program I guess I'll get my CNA to keep busy.
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    Forgot to say, I hope SU calls you! There's always a chance. Do you have most of your classes done for PLU? I hear its a good program but it seems like it's a LOT easier to get in there compared to the other colleges in Seattle. I just moved here in October so I'm not too familiar with any of the schools.
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    PLU may be a little easier to get into but I think it's only because of the price so less people apply. Even with that said, they still only have 80-90 slots available for 600-800 applicants so I wouldn't say its easy by any means. With that said though, I do think PLU is one of the best programs in Washington. They have the most clinical hours and I think the best NCLEX pass rate. I tend to think that UW is a little to stuck up (for lack of better words) for me... at least that's the vibe I get from them. Anywho, my transfer guide ( the director of transfers) at PLU has been sending out emails and his last email said that he heard that the SoN will begin rolling out some admissions beginning next week. But that's just the rumor mill so take it with a grain of salt.

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