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Greetings, I was just wondering if there are any PLU BSN 2013 applicants. I put name if a few hats (UW, SU + ADN/CC programs) and I am sure there are multiple applicants to the PLU programs. Just... Read More

  1. by   japerryman
    @sarah.b2024 Thank you so much! If anything, I'll learn to be very patient!
  2. by   Just_keep_swimming
    Sarah how far past the deadline did you turn your application in?
  3. by   alliyc

    Hi I was looking through post after post about any information on PLUs LPN-BSN and this thread is the only one I found with LPNs talking about the process and getting accepted. I myself applied to the LPN-BSN to start Feb 2015 and have a few question if you don't mind answering. Do you know how many LPNs they accept each year? and is your cohort LPNs slots all filled, ok last one you received your acceptance letter in May what was the next step after that..I'm stressing out waiting on an answer!! Thank you for your time and Congrats on getting accepted!!
  4. by   fabu2012
    Hello everyone. I just got my acceptance letter to PLU LPN -BSN program Im beyond excited. But so nervous at the same time was told will start fall sept. How are the classes? Schedule? Any experience with the program would help ease my mind. It would be nice to get to know anyone in my cohort as well.