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Hi! I recently relocated to WA from CA. I'm a new grad. Just got my WA RN license. I'm curious to hear about what New Grad RN programs or RN residency programs Washington has to offer. What hospitals... Read More

  1. by   Miss Chybil RN

    I've applied for several positions in the Franciscan system. It seems they take a long time to answer. I moved from AZ to TX in April for a Med/Surg job. I graduated in December 2009. Do you know if I'd still be eligible for a residency program? Do you have any suggestions that might help me secure a position - residency, or not?
  2. by   koprtop
    What is a nursing residency? I gather it has to do with learning from a preceptor but would you actually be doing the job? Does everywhere require a residency?
    I'm a first quarter nursing student so I really don't know anything yet!
  3. by   DC Collins
    Sorry you haven't had a response yet.

    I don't know about hospitals outside this area, but the local ones, Multicare and Franciscan do require a residency. And yes, that means being preceptored.

    At least at Franciscan, that means you do the work. Your preceptor orients you to the dept. / job, guides you closely in the beginning, and steps back overtime (still watching over you though) as s/he feels confident in your ability.

    Whatever you do, when you get into clinicals, anywhere, *shine*. Stand out. Be helpful and friendly to everyone. In this economic climate, it seems most new grads are getting their jobs only because some place where they had clinicals likes them and asks them to apply. Make them *love* you.

    Good luck in school (which one are you attending?), and much luck in your new career!

    DC, ED RN
  4. by   skyapple
    Good luck to all of you! Still looking here in Ca..
  5. by   jkstookey
    Catholic Health Initiatives usually have very good RN residency programs for new graduates. I just moved to washington from arkansas and we had CHI hospitals there also. Anyway, you could try St. Joseph in Tacoma, St. Clare in Lakewood or any of the other Franciscan Health System hospitals in WA, they are all CHI entities. Check out the website and contact a nurse recruiter and they would love to help you out!
  6. by   malenurse88
    I realize this post is old, but I am looking to move to the area as a new grad from a BSN program. Does KCM still have this opportunity?
  7. by   mndaniels
    Hey I know this is an old post but I was curious for those of you who had luck getting into Franciscan do you have any advice on getting in? I am trying to get into Franciscan or Multicare but have no connections or clinical experience at either so any advice helps!