Networking - Western WA Nurses!!

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    I'm not quite sure which section to post this in however, I am generally *new* to Western WA and still haven't met a ton on people.. So I thought I'd reach out on here to at least 'meet' some fellow Western Washingtonians...(??)

    I'm in the Tacoma area and soon will be looking into landing a hospital job with either Multicare or Franciscan!

    I thought it would be fun for some generalized talk about local hospitals and experiences!!

    Thanks all!


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    Moved to Washington Nursing for more response from our WA nurses.
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    Thank you! I found that Sub-forum shortly after posting!

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    You are welcome.
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    You are close to my neck of the woods. I currently work for Franciscan (FHS) and am very happy. Muticare seems to be a good corporation to work for as well. I have friends who work at Good Samaritan and TG and have been there for years.

    Welcome to WA and good luck in your job search!
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