Need job-hunting advice in Greater Puget Sound area...

  1. Ok, so desperation has set in. I currently live in the Midwest but am originally from Seattle. In five weeks my family and I are moving back. I have already secured my WA RN license and have been steadily applying to jobs up and down the western side of Washington since Feb. I have had five interviews with five different facilities and have been rejected from two of those. I cannot seem to secure an offer anywhere. I'm not being picky. I'm willing to days, nights and even am considering PRN, Call and PT. I'm applying to various different types of units within my experience level (1.5 years med/surg/onc/tele). Still nothing. I have even had a facility go as far as wanting references then everything just fizzles out. I have made follow-up phone calls to everyone I've spoken with. Just nothing. I've had people sit in on my interviews and they have all went great. What gives? Any advice? It's coming down to the wire here. Thanks guys!!
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  3. by   Andrews_RN
    Where all did you apply? Have you applied to hospitals in the Tacoma or Everett areas? With the job market being what it is in seattle right now many RNs are having to commute.
  4. by   tokmom
    I too am curious to where you are applying.