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  1. I am a nursing student trying valiantly to get hired as a Nurse Technician. I have been sending out resumes fast and furious. I have a question for anyone who has had to navigate the MultiCare hiring process.

    I sent in my app at the end of April for a tech job at Tacoma General ED, and when I check my submission status it has been listed as "considering" ever since I applied, but no one has contacted me for an interview either. I have been told by many that the hiring process is a slow one, and that if you aren't selected you receive a rejection e mail. I have yet to receive one, so "no news is good news" from what I've been told. So I am thinking this is a good sign..... BUT... in a fit of insomnia (which I am still suffering from, *sigh*) I checked my status again today, for the first time in probably a week. Now the status says "filled". Is this a form of rejection?

    Any MultiCare folks out there have any insight? I am trying not to despair, but I fear the worst (that I won't even get an interview). I have a great resume, so I had high hopes for this job.

    In the meantime I have continued to check job listings and submit resumes and apps.
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  3. by   tokmom
    When I went back to work I applied at several multicare jobs. They are notorious about hiring within, but I still applied. I ran into the same roadblock as you. I applied, got the same verbiage and then saw the position was filled. I did receive one rejection letter, but not for every position I applied for. It was frustrating. I ended up calling a nurse recruiter to get some answers. Only then did I find out how they worked.
  4. by   sail2boat2002
    It is tough out there. If you don't here anything back from within 1 week from the day that you applied, you probably didn't get the position. They get about 100 position per open position and they simply ignore application that they don't seem to fit what they are looking for. I know this is tough but keep looking. Make sure you tweak you cover letter and the resume SPECIFIC to the department that you are applying. I personally had hard time finding a job but I finally got one this past week.