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    You must live really close to Mt. Saint Helens. I am from Eastern Oregon so I don't feel it. I heard on the news channel today that the USGS service is thinking with the increase in magnitude and activity of earthquakes, the mountain might have another burp. Monday though there was so much fog and clouds that nobody could see it if anything were to happen. I am excited to see some lava flow sometime. But not enough to harm anybody or homes. I think that would be exciting.

    Take care. Curleysue

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    Hi Curleysue! I'm still learning about everything up here...the source of the mini quake came from near Oak Harbor so guess that is why I felt it in Port Orchard...too far for you to feel most likely. They are really very mild, just surprising to me...when things shook in Texas a train or a tornado was coming...LOL!!

    I watched a report on the tsunami disaster and our coastline is ripe for that too, experts say, altho I'm likely safe where I am, those west of me could have troubles. Guess when we move we just have different natural disasters to worry about now eh.
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    you will reach a point where you dont feel anything less than about 5.5....i have anyhow.

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