LPN moving to WA, should I bother trying to get my RN there, or just find a new job?

  1. 0 Sorry for the defeatist attitude, but I just got rejected from an LPN-to-RN bridge program in Massachusetts. I was a really strong applicant, so I can only assume it was because there were so few slots available and because the school does a ladder program for the LPNs who graduate there. I'm really frustrated. I can't do Excelsior College, because WA and CA (the two states I want to move to) won't accept it for endorsement. I'm a great nurse, but I'm just so disgusted with the whole thing. It's terrible. No one wants LPNs, and they're being "phased out"- like we're light bulbs or something, and not valid hard-working members of the medical field. I mean, at this point, I'm considering another career altogether- that's how disgusted I am. But just for the heck of it, I'm hoping some kindly Washington nurses can tell me what it's like in the Seattle area. I decided that WA sounded more reasonable than California, which is why I had planned to move there first. (California is just absolutely absurd.) I'm just wondering if anyone did the LPN-to-RN and what their experiences have been in general. Info from other LPNs or former LPNs would be especially helpful (but I will gladly take whatever info any RNs can offer as well). Anyway, I appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks.
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