Just relocated to WA from MA, LPN 6 years exp, can't find job! What's going on?

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    I just relocated from Boston to Seattle, got here at the beginning of November. I started applying for jobs back in October, before I even left. I've had a few interviews by phone and in person, but nothing has actually turned into a job. Most of the jobs I've applied for have been areas where I'm not terribly experienced, like clinics and pediatric homecare and home health. BUT...I went to a nursing home for an interview, and I've worked in nursing homes my whole career. I have tons of skilled nursing experience. Granted, I was hoping to get away from that, but I need a job right now. The nursing home I applied at not only didn't call me after the interview, THEY REPOSTED THE JOB ON CRAIGSLIST. What the hell??!!?? I'm sorry, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I am an excellent nurse. I was a charge nurse for the last two years of the four years I worked in my last facility. I worked in one of the top nursing homes in Massachusetts, owned by Partners Healthcare, a company that also owns and operates all the major hospitals in Boston, two of which are consistently in the top ten U.S News best hospitals in the country. We only received admissions from Massachusetts General Hospital. This may not mean much to people in Seattle, but for an east coast LPN, it's not bad. I guess I should just chalk it up to being a facility I don't want to work at, but I guess what I'd like to know from Washington nurses is: what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? Based on my own history, I would say that I'm a great candidate for any job, including in a field I don't have as much experience in. I'm a fast learner and a good nurse. But the interviewers ALL ask me these stupid, stupid questions, like..."give me an example of a time when you gave outstanding customer service". Yeah...EVERY DAY, people. I did that every day. Isn't that what a nurse DOES? I don't know. I'm feeling pretty discouraged and depressed about the whole thing, so if anyone could offer any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   nubsthedog
    hi amari,
    welcome to seattle! did you call the nursing home back or send a thank you card? how did you answer the customer service position question? as silly as those questions are they are used to test people to see their definition of "excellent customer service." i also think that if you seem too experienced it can be looked down upon because they view you as a short timer.
    i'm not a nurse yet but i help with the hiring at my company and it takes forever! a lot of people loose hope and are amazed we called them back. just be patient and know that the perfect job is out there and you will find it i recently took a second job to save up for school. i looked up practice interview questions on the internet and had my answers ready. guess what? i was asked the same customer service question as you! i sent a thank you card and called them once a week to let them know i was still interested. it took almost two months to hire me! i didn't think i was going to get it but i did. in this economy, you really have to shine and make yourself stand out to get a job.
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    I am an LPN and I live two hours North of Seattle. Our hospital has let go of all LPN's. Have you even tried a doctor's office to get your foot in the door? That way you can get some money in the bank while you are still looking? I also found I searched the web for the facility's that I knew of to see if they were hiring on their website rather then using a search engine. It's been pretty hard for the LPN's in this area. Hang in there. You'll find one.