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Hi guys.. This is my first posting at so I am really excited.:redbeathe I heard from my college professor that a new grad with ADN degree will have harder time finding a job than a new grad with BSN degree. Is... Read More

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    I have been asking this same question non stop for the past year trying to figure out how to gear the rest of my classes. I called like 6 different hospitals and spoke with their nursing recruiter and they told me that it really doesnt matter. A BSN and an ADN dont differ too much. The main thing they focus on is scores, GPA, volunteer work, and any kind of expierence. I personally am taking the ADN route because i've heard nothing but great things about Centralia. The recruiter told me that someone with an ADN wouldnt get turned away in comparison to a BSN just on that fact alone. Hope this helps?

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    There is no 'sadness' to ADN programs. Most of my ADN class (Aug '10) have found jobs, including me. The person 'precepting' me in my new job is also a graduate of the same program I went through.

    In my ED, a third of those I work with graduated from the same program, and a few others are ADNs from other programs, and no, our hiring manager is not from the same program as I, lol.

    So choose your school and degree type based solely on your preferences is my opinion, because while the degree level affects your future, in my opinion and experience, it does not affect getting hired.

    Side note: I intend to get my BSN, so that I have more options later in my career, but I wanted to start working as a nurse ASAP, which is why I went the ADN route (not to mention that my school has an *excellent* rep around this area.
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    some hospitals only hire BSN nurses. it is a wonderful degree to have because if gives you a lot more flexibility in your career, if you want to work in other roles, or even in a different, then you can continue your education etc. what is your end goal? what will it take to get there? what is the shortest/cheapest/convenient route for your plan? map it out!

    good luck!

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