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Hi WA peeps I've got a question for you. But first he's a little about me. New grad from an ADN program in Denver CO. My Pops is retired military and my parents live in Lakewood WA and are DYING... Read More

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    Ok, sent you another email.

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    Quote from Tracy1275
    Thanks you guys!!!!! . I don't have a WA license yet but I have applied for it.
    I hadn't even applied for my WA license when I was offered a position.
    Luckily, WA gets a temp license out PDQ. And it lasts a good while. The reg license takes a while. And it's somewhat of a pain for out of state applicants as far as fingerprinting is concerned. All in all, it will take a good 6-8 weeks IIRC.

    But, like I said, the temp license happens quickly. So you don't have to have everything in order immediately. Just pay the fees here and there to get it going...
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    Thanks CCL! I have applied and sent everything off but I haven't heard anything yet. It's been only about 2 weeks though so hope that I hear something soon. Hoping once I can update with some type of local licensing info maybe I won't get the instant rejection. !
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