How to become a CNA in Washington state

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    Hi I am looking into becoming a CNA in western Wa and was wondering if anyone knew any info on where you could go to school,cost, and how long it would take to become certified. Any info would be great

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    I went to Medprep. It is quick, easy and not to expensive. Here is the website, it'll answer most of your questions!

    Good Luck
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    Also, check out some local nursing homes. Some offer free classes. That's what I did. It took about 2 months and it was an 8 hour day 3 days a week. I didn't pay a penny except for the licensing exam (written test and skills demonstration). There was no work commitment either where I did it. Good luck!
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    Bates technical college just started to offer CNA classes. the class is about $754.00, but when you factor in the books, uniforms, and supplies like stethoscopes, it will cost you about $1,000. Financial aid is not available since it is a continuing education course
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    Twinkletoes12 can you tell me which nursing home you did this at? I didn't even know this was possible. Thanks!
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    I'm actually enrolled in my CNA training class at a place called Nursing Assistant Training Institute in Shoreline.

    There are new classes starting roughly every 4 weeks and costs $655 to get started. Check em out! The timing of the course is perfect because it ends on May 11th, then I do my clinicals and then I begin to do my pre-reqs at Shoreline in the summer for RN.
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    Hi TypeR,
    How did you like this school? I'm starting this week and just wanted to hear what you thought. Did you start your clinical work right away? Where did you do those? Overall, did you like your experience there? I'm in the same boat - working on getting into school while doing the CNA route. Hoping that it won't be too tough to find work once I'm done.
    Hope you're doing well!
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    I begin my clinicals next month, you do them after you complete the classroom experience. I really enjoyed the classroom experience. The teacher is great and she has such a positive vibe.

    I think you'll enjoy the class, I know I did!
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    Do you mind if I ask where you’re doing your clinical? Is there a bit of choice in where you can work? Really looking forward to the course –and really appreciate your reply! Thank you!
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    Hi typeR,

    I am considering going to the place you mention too. I was wondering if you can give me an idea of what it's like. Does it seem difficult or easy or in between? Just curious as to what to expect.

    Thank you

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