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  1. Hello, I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but I need help with some questions from a couple of applications i'm trying to fill out. I am not a CNA or Nurse yet, but I am applying for classes at nursing homes. However, one application asks questions I am not sure about, regarding older people.
    They are true or false.

    One of them says: "People over 65 cannot learn new skills" Or, "Most older people are set in their ways"

    Things like that. I really want to be considered for the classes, and fear if I answer the questions wrong I won't.
    If any of you could help me out some, It would be highly appreciated of you. Thank you.
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  3. by   60sreturn
    Most anything can be found on the internet, including your questions.
    Since I am 61, I would have said that your first question was False. I wasn't sure about the answer to your second questions, so I went to the internet and found the answer, which is False, according to the internet: "test yourself on the myths of aging".
  4. by   Bandaide
    Look at real life. Have you seen anyone in that age-range using a cell phone? Did they learn anything new in order to use it? Which answer is a narrow view of the population, and which one takes the wide variety of personalities into consideration?
  5. by   condanchri
    "Look at real life. Have you seen anyone in that age-range using a cell phone? Did they learn anything new in order to use it?"

    I could be reading into your comment above, and if that's the case, then I apologize ahead of time. My 77 year old father and 68 year old mother both have cell phones, and had to learn quite a bit of new technology to do so, as well as to operate their laptop and desk top computers.

    I just completed my CNA training, and will be completing my 2nd quarter of RN school this spring (I took a break between quarters). There is a gerontology course in the first quarter of nursing school that covers a lot of the myths concerning aging (CNA programs cover this too, as it is usually the first population you will be working with). I'm not sure what you mean by asking which view of the population these questions cover.
  6. by   Bandaide
    My point is that the OP is probably surrounded with people over 65 who are learning new thing every day. Just observing people will give the answer to the question. I'm giving a laptop to a 90 year old friend for Christmas, and I fully anticipate that she will be sending emails with a day. Does the statement that anyone over 65 can no longer learn make sense? No.

    I'm 53 and a nursing student. We older learners learn differently, but we still may learn some types of information more quickly than the youngsters just because of our life experience. Taking Psych classes with 18 year olds was constant reminder of that.

    Another way to answer the OP's question is by using logic - the test is trying to find what the OP knows about the population. Highly generalized, narrowly worded answers are unlikely to be correct.
  7. by   condanchri
    Okay, now I get what you're saying (I thought there was a chance I was reading it wrong ). During my LTC clinical, I thoroughly enjoyed and was constantly amazed at the constant learning going on by the residents - I agree that any type of narrow-minded answers (and those that establish limits) would more likely be false.