Having a Patient Care Tech interview at the UW medical center

  1. I have been working as a cna at a nursing home for nearly 3 years. I just got an interview for a Patient Care Technician position at the University of Washington medical center next week.
    What questions should I expect?

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  3. by   sunnysteph87
    Good luck! I also have an interview at a hospital. Mine is on Wednesday. I already went through a phone interview and they ask you a lot of the standard questions (why do you want to work here, name a time you dealt with a difficult situation how did you handle it etc etc). I would guess that they would also want to know about your ability to work in a fast paced environment. I don"t know about you, but I currently work in assisted living which is not that fast paced, but just come up with some good examples of quick learning or something like that. I hope you get the job!
  4. by   RNmanou
    thank you!!! Are you applying in Seattle too?
  5. by   sunnysteph87
    Yeah! I am applying to hospitals in Seattle and on the eastside. Did you apply for the float position at UW or for a particular department?
  6. by   RNmanou
    I appied for the candidate bank/patient care tech at UW. I already had the phone interview and was asked if I would interested on working day shift if hired. Where did you appy?
  7. by   sunnysteph87
    Oh really? I applied there too, but I only saw a candidate bank for Harborview and the only position at UW med was in diagnostics or something. Maybe I'll have to check that again. So you had a phone interview as well, maybe that is just standard procedure for all of them then. I didn't know that. I wonder how much of a chance you have at getting hired after passing that and going to the on site interview. My interview is actually at Stevens Hospital up in Edmonds.
  8. by   RNmanou
    how did your interview go?
    I had mine with a panel of 6 people for all nursing depart. I think it was ok. They told me that it my take up to a week to get back to me. Dont know if i would get hired but it was a good experience.
  9. by   sunnysteph87
    That's great that it went well! Wow 6 people is a lot. I actually heard back today and was offered a position so I am very excited! I hope you hear back soon!
  10. by   Larry77
    Does UW have patients? I thought they used Harborview as their hospital?
  11. by   RNmanou
    Uw medical center is a hospital on his own too. As big as his sister hospital HMC. It is located by the UW huskies stadium. It was voted the 12th best hospital in the us as well as 1st best family medecine hospital in the US.
  12. by   Larry77
    Wow...I never knew that and I live about 2hrs away...LOL...thanks for the info :-)
  13. by   sunnysteph87
    Did you hear back from UW Med Ctr,manou??
  14. by   j450n
    I've worked there since 2004....love UWMC. Good luck!!