fastest way to become an NP???

  1. I was wondering what is the shortest path to becoming an NP. My background is BS(clinical medicine) and MD and 5-years ophthalmologist in China. Just moved to Seattle, WA and would like to continue my career in a similar way in U.S. I don't want to take the board certification exam at this point. Instead, an NP sounds perfect to me because of their rights of prescription. I did some research and found tons of information regarding schools/programs of RN/BSN/MSN/DNP.

    I was wondering if anyone knows the fastest way to become an NP. i.e BSN=>RN=>MSN or ADN=>RN=>MSN... online V.S non-online programs

    Just started to get familiar with nursing programs around Seattle and would appreciate if anyone could point to the right direction.
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    In general, the fastest (but often most expensive) way to become an NP is a 'Direct Entry' NP program. You do not need to have a nursing degree in order to apply, and the program will award you with both a BSN and an NP degree in about 3 years of full time study (though the duration may vary by program).

    I doubt that you'd be able to find a fully online direct entry NP program, though several programs may have online components that allow you to take some of your classes online.

    Have you considered PA (Physicians Assistant) programs? These programs can generally be completed in 2 years full time, and may be an appropriate option for you. I don't know anything about the local trends, prescriptive rights, or MD supervision of PAs vs NPs in WA state.