Does Excelsior College work in the state of Washington

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    I have read the many comments on the College Network/Excelsior College. However I would still like to talk "personally" to a real person. I recently moved to Washington State. If anyone has ever used Excelsior College for their LPN to RN/AS bridge program. Or feels like they know anything pertinent to this issue. Would you please call me or email me before I sign on the dotted line. I would be most appreciative. Thank you. Mark Email
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    You need to check with the state nursing quality assurance board (Dept. of Health). There is a list of approved colleges and Excelsior is not on it. If your heart is on Excelsior, go to a state that approves it, and has reciprocity with WA, get your license and then move back.

    I hope that helps.

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