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Are there any students/recent graduates of the nursing program in the Tri-Cities? I'm almost done with my pre-reqs in order to apply for the nursing program. I would be interested in your comments about the TEAS testing,... Read More

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    what wher your grades when u got acsepted also?

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    thanx and yeah i ben on ther web site, i was just curious on what was the lowest score that got acsepted in the nursing program that u know of? they say C or better but will a C realy get u in?
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    Well you can never know for sure. I think everyone I know had a 3.0 or better in all of their classes, but their might be some that had c's. I had three 4.0's and a 3.9 for my gpa portion of the admissions score.
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    Hi guys, I am applying to the CBC nursing program this year. My index score is just under a 26 (technically its a 25.8 so i don't know if I should consider it a 25 or a 26). I also got an 86 on the TEAS test. Think I have a chance of getting in??

    Quote from 60sreturn
    Are there any students/recent graduates of the nursing program in the Tri-Cities?
    I'm almost done with my pre-reqs in order to apply for the nursing program.

    I would be interested in your comments about the TEAS testing, floor training, the program itself, and job availability after graduation.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to your comments.
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    I know a few people that had the same score as you that got in, but every year is different. That is a really good TEAS. I would say you have a good chance with your score and if you don't get in with the first round chances are you will make it from the waiting list. We had almost 10 people that made it but then decided not to come. Some people have family issues, get pregnant, or choose another school. Good luck!
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    Thanks! I didn't know that CBC had a waiting list. That's nice to know. I'm very hopeful and lots of people told me that with my good TEAS test score that I should consider myself accepted already, but you never know!
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    I would definitely not consider yourself accepted. My score was higher than a 27 and I was still stressed about admission. The people applying are different every year and so is the amount of people they let in. I would feel good about my score though and be proud of the TEAS score. Have you applied to multiple schools? If not, it should not take much to raise your score for next year since the TEAS score stays good for 2 years you can just retake a class or 2. Good luck. Can't believe it was a year ago I was applying myself! I spent 6 hours doing clinical paperwork tonight. Enjoy your free time!
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    I agree. I'm still totally freaking out, it's just people around me think I'm as good as in. I'm very hopeful but I am completely aware that my index score could stand to be a little higher. I also applied to WSU but I don't think I stand a chance of getting in there. I still need to take statistics and organic/bio chem. Yuck!
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    Yea I am glad I didn't have to take those classes! Good luck
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    Definitely don't count on it until you get your letter! Last year I got a 25.6 total index score and an 87 on the Tease and was put at the 90-100 level on the waiting list; needless to say I never got in. It doesn't matter what your Tease test score is except the number of points it gives you. Look at it this way: if you get an 86 on the Tease, it means that if you get 100% in all other GPA reqs and class scores then the maximum score you will receive is a 28.6, but if you didn't do the Tri-tech then the max is down to 27.7. Either scores should get you in but that's assuming you got a 4.0 in chem/ap1/math/english and completed all the extra classes you need. Sadly the scores drop fast with lower than 4.0's! I've talked to people who got in the 70's on the TEAS, and again: if you get 70 then your max admiss index is 27, without tritech it's 26.1; assuming you get 4.0's and complete all other pre-reqs!

    Someone said earlier that 2 years ago the lowest scores were the very high 25's, which is where you're is at, so it's totally up in the air! If you don't get in and do get earlier onto the waiting list, make sure to prepare for people dropping out, just to make sure you're not caught totally surprised and can't make it yourself!

    This year I repeated my ap1 and am getting a 4.0, and repeated my teas with a 91, for a total of 26.7 score. I'm counting on getting in with this, but again, you never know! I also heard that last year had a record number of applicants O.o
    As for the question about grades, C's are the minimum required to apply to the program, but we know minimum is never enough! Bring all your grades up to at least 3.0's (or make up for a 2.5 with a 4.0).

    As for bringing up your Tease scores: buy the practice book when you register and DO ALL OF THE PROBLEMS IN IT! The entire book! The questions on the test are formatted almost exactly the same way, and when you've seen the problem before it's SO much easier to get the answer again and quickly! If you procrastinate it and don't finish it, then you've chosen to get a lower score than you could have and can't blame anyone but yourself! It sounds harsh, but from someone who got over 90% on it, take my advise! It'll help so much in the long run, especially if you don't have 3.5's or 4.0's in your pre-reqs.

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