CNA license challenge

  1. I graduated from Bryman with my MA diploma. I am now doing my pre reqs at Shoreline, and am almost done. I will probably not apply there as even with a 3.7 my GPA is most likely not high enoughf (espically without work experience).
    Anyway, my question is does anyone know if as an MA I can take the CNA exam and where I would do this. Or, where I could find out info about this process. I am finding that even though MA trainning is much more extensive and expensive, alot of schools want you to have your CNA.
    Thanks for any advice/input.
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  3. by   Larry77
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    I would check into the programs you are applying to because I know at our school the head of the nursing program has the power to "wave" the CNA requirement for applicants.

    But even if you did have to do your CNA exam I wouldn't recommend taking it without taking the course. Here in Wash state the course is somewhere around 3-5 weeks only going 2-3 days a week--not nearly as long as for an MA. The problem with just going to take the exam...well at least in my state it is a "skills" exam and if you haven't practiced how exactly to make an occupied bed, peri-care, attends use, etc you would probably fumble around the skills because you most likely did not go over these skills much if any in a MA program.

    Good luck to you and good for you to move on to "nursing" from MA, it is hard to get respect as an MA...have a couple friends that work in the clinics as MA's and it's terrible to hear fellow nurses speak about them...grrr--MA's are professionals too and do a lot of what we do as RN's.
  4. by   justartin
    so Larry77 are you saying that if you had a choioce in the two, you should go CNA instead of MA? I asked because I will be getting out of the military soon JUNE 06 and was also going to Bryman college for my MA. I have an appointment this friday, so I can get my foot in the door and start in the fine medical field.
  5. by   justartin
    I am in Wa. how was Bryman College? Was Medical assisting class worth it and how long was it. Have you found a job yet, last question, was the search hard.
    Thank you for the information.
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    i agree with lary 77 about the MA i think if your a rn an lpn or an MA everyone should work as a team .
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  7. by   justartin
    How can a MA take a job away?

    Remeber I am NEW