Clover Park Technical College....anyone going???

  1. Is anybody attending CloverPark's Nursing program?? I start in April and was wondering if anyone else out there did too!! Can't wait sooo excited!!!
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  3. by   mz206lovely
    Hi ksauce20. I am interested in applying to their program but I was kinda hesistant because I don't wanna give them my money and be put on a waitlist and wait forever. How long did you have to wait after your application to get in?
    I've read some other forums about their program and it's just like everywhere else. Teachers are harsh in a good and bad way. But I think as long as you apply yourself, you'll be fine. Good luck and congrats on getting accepted.
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  4. by   ansspa
    Hey I hope you know that Bates technical college is accepting people for their new CNA classes. I chose Bates over CPTC very excited to start my class soon!
  5. by   Lamie
    I'm currently enrolled in Clover Park's LPN program, start clinicals in April. The program is very fast-paced, we had a few people drop out just weeks into the first quarter. Seems to be true of most nursing programs. It's a lot of work, but doable. Any questions let me know.
  6. by   fathertod
    LPN jobs in the seattle area are gunna start drying up quick due to the economy.. make sure you transition that into an RN degree as soon as possible. The layoffs of LPNs at highline hospital are a good example.
  7. by   runner12
    I am starting the Clover Park RN program this fall (2011). Can anyone let me know how the program is? Thanks.
  8. by   Piracy85
    Hello everyone, First time poster here. I am looking at the Clover park program and i have a question.

    Is the program accredited? I can't seem to find that out on the website. If it is not, will it make it difficult to achieve a BSN or MSN?

    Thanks for the info.

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